3 Charities You Support When You Purchase Circus Tickets Online

Charity may not be the primary thing on your mind when seeking to buy circus tickets on the Internet. A visit for a trip to the circus is an opportunity to have Fun, entertainment, and excitement. You’re probably not considering giving something back to the community when you’re planning an unforgettable experience at the circus.

This is the point at which RCIC is in. We contribute a large portion of our earnings to a variety of charitable organizations across Canada. When you purchase tickets for the circus online, you can feel secure knowing that you’re giving back to the local community.

We’re proud of supporting vital Canadian causes by donating to non-profit organizations. With your support, we will continue to help Canadians who require it. We at RCIC, As Canadians, believe that we have to ensure the health of our young ones. This is why we fund charitable organizations that target children specifically. Here are a few charitable causes we have supported. Royal Canadian International Circus has been a part of in the past.

1. The Lions Club: Medicine for Kids

In 2020, we will be supporting The Calgary Lions Club, a sponsor of a variety of programs that offer services for children. By purchasing tickets for the circus on the Internet, you’re helping children and their families get the medical attention they require.

In addition, the Lions Club sponsors programs that provide modern medical treatment for children and treatments, but these programs also cover transportation needs. The purchase of tickets to the circus online lets families feel at ease, knowing that they won’t face unanticipated bills for ambulance transportation.

2. The Kids Upfront Program: Brings Fun to the lives of children who need it

The RCIC is proud to be a part of donating to Kids Up Front. This initiative was launched to give children who are less fortunate an opportunity to have the same experiences that everyone ought to have the chance to enjoy. The organizers of RCIC have donated over 100,000 tickets for Kids Up Front in the last few years.

If you buy tickets to the circus on the Internet and then have the keys to be canceled, the chances are that they will be sent to Kids Up Front. At RCIC, we reserve a portion of seats that are empty for children who would not be financially able to enjoy the experience of a circus.

3. The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto: Help When Needed for Kids

The RCIC also funds its charity, the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, with the money you earn by the purchase of tickets to the circus on the Internet. The charity performs important work in that it offers vital assistance in the event of child abuse and neglect.

The Children’s Aid Society covers all aspects of child welfare, and we’re proud to help them by donating a desirable portion of our earnings.

Purchase Circus Tickets Online | Royal Canadian International Circus | B.C, Alberta, Ontario

If you’re seeking an unforgettable experience and also giving to the community by buying tickets to the circus on the Internet, The Royal Canadian International Circus is the right choice. We’ve been bringing entertainment and Fun for families across Ontario as well as Canada for more than a half-century. This year, we’re getting closer to becoming a global circus that every Canadian is proud to be a part of.

The entertainers are highly skilled, and our tickets are reasonably priced, and we adhere to the strictest ethical code of conduct. That’s why we don’t use exotic animal performers, and we give generously to a variety of Canadian charitable organizations.

  • The purchase of tickets to the circus online is the simplest method of planning your trip to the chaos.
  • A portion of the money you earn from the purchase made through RCIC will go to a variety of Canadian charitable organizations.
  • If you’re interested in booking tickets or learning the details of RCIC, contact us for more information today.

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