4 Good Reasons to Purchase Circus Tickets this Mother’s Day

You may find it strange to talk about Mother’s Day at the end of April. It is your day, and you deserve to be recognized for all the hard work you put in throughout the year. It is never too early to begin planning.

Your family’s time and attention is the best gift they could ever give you. This means agreeing on an activity with the family that is fun, exciting, and relaxing.

The circus is a form of entertainment that features spectacular acts and is interactive. The Royal Canadian Circus will be performing in May and July at the following locations: Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Saskatoon, Moose Jay, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Fort McMurray. Our Buy Ticket section allows you to buy circus tickets online easily.

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons to choose the Royal Canadian Circus for your Mother’s Day family fun activity. You will not be disappointed if you buy circus tickets!

Features Elite Circus Acts

The Royal Canadian Circus offers a unique opportunity to see elite circus acts not seen anywhere else. Highwire acts, acrobats, and daredevil motorcycle riders, as well as horse performances, will leave audiences with a rush of adrenaline. You will be part of an extraordinary event that borders on the impossible.

Fun For Everyone

No book or rule says that circuses can only be enjoyed by small children. No age restriction is placed on our chaos. You will love our chaos just as much as your children. Most adults and teens who accompany their younger children or siblings to the confusion are able to re-discover their youthful selves and enjoy the shows and experiences that have delighted audiences since ancient Rome. The Royal Canadian Circus is a great place to create memories and create traditions that last a lifetime.


You may find it difficult to plan fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. These activities can be expensive, difficult to plan, and hard to get to. A trip to a theme park or restaurant on Mother’s Day may be too expensive for your family, depending on its size.

Children of all ages can enjoy a fun-filled day at the circus, which is affordable and full of family entertainment. Tickets for the circus start at $25 for general admission and go up to $35 for VIP seating and $50 for ringside. You can get two tickets for the price of one by using the promo code highwire.

An Educational Experience

There are two reasons why the circus has existed since Ancient Rome. Did you know, for example, that people are naturally inclined to enjoy skilled performances and acts? Did you know that the circus has survived because it has evolved to meet modern tastes? Our show allows you and your loved ones to live history rather than just reading about it.

We don’t do repetition at the Royal Canadian Circus. We put on acts and shows that are completely different each year and have never been performed before.

The Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! The 2017 show is a traditional experience of the circus with a twist. This year, we will bring smiles and generate endless “ooos” and “awes” in Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Regina, in June and in July. In August, we will be in Etobicoke near Toronto. Also, we have shows in Calgary, Edmonton Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, and more. Check us out to find the best family entertainment and unique summer activities.

We are looking forward to making your summer a memorable one!

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