5 Fun Summer Family Activities You Won’t Want to Miss at the Circus

Circus shows have evolved significantly over the past couple of decades. The simple act that was the basis of a circus has grown through time, and nowadays, it’s the place to go for a variety of activities for families to take advantage of for one day or two. Like they’ve been throughout history, circus performances were about performers delighting the audience. There’s nothing fun for the family which is as entertaining as going to the circus. As entertainment technology has advanced, the standard for circus shows has kept the pace of other forms of entertainment. Like the special effects of movies, today are real, so circus performances have become more thrilling, captivating, fascinating, and enjoyable.
What kind of exciting, family-friendly activities are you likely to see at the local circus? These are the seven most popular circus shows that we have performed in past shows of the Royal Canadian International Circus. Our current schedule for 2020 will be released in the coming days, so keep an eye on it.

1. A Twisted Show: Contortionists

Contortionists are circus performers who are able to bend their bodies into amazing forms. Contortionists can put on an experience that is thrilling and enjoyable for all audiences, making a show an ideal family outing.

2. The Breathtaking Highwire

The highwire shows have been an integral part of circuses throughout history and were a thing that audiences adored during our shows in the past times. People are always on the edge of their seats as they witness the entertainers appear to overcome gravity.

3. Pause for a moment by performing Comedy Act

A circus wouldn’t be without a bit of humor. The audience loves easy-going family entertainment such as the comic show. The stereotype of clowns might not be very funny; however, like the other circus performers, clowns have changed in line with modern times. Today’s clowns aren’t often wearing makeup and are comedians who can get laughter from any crowd.

4. The Exotic Chinese Pole

Chinese pole The Chinese pole refers to an action that involves a steel vertical pole. Performers climb onto the bar, stand on top of the bar, slide down, and then twist about the bar. This classic routine is captivating and fun for anyone watching, which is why it is a great family event at any circus that it’s featured in.

5. Watch an Antipodist Think on Their Feet

Being able to watch a skilled juggler maneuver several objects at once is fun enough, but it’s possible to get bored of their skills after a short time. It’s not an issue for an antipodist who switches to performing the feat with their feet! This unique circus show is guaranteed to be awe-inspiring for anyone who has seen it for the first time, and we recommend you go to the show at least once.

Fun Summer Family Entertainment| Royal Canadian International Circus | BC, Alberta, Ontario

If you’re in search of the perfect summer circus, then look no further than the Royal Canadian International Circus. We’ve been offering Ontario, Alberta, and BC with exciting summer activities for families for more than half a century.

Each year, new shows are added to the show. Year, along with familiar classics that are well-loved, the RCIC shows are ones that you are able to keep returning to. If you’re interested in booking tickets or to learn more about our shows, contact us today. Get in touch with us now.
* The circus offers many fun summer family-oriented things for your family members to take part in.
If you’re in search of excellent food, great entertainment, or simply an overall fun atmosphere, You won’t find a better place than the circus.
*The Royal Canadian International Circus has the most talented performers and decades of experience that will offer you an unforgettable family trip that you will never forget.

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