5 Reasons Why the Circus Provides the Best Fun Summer Entertainment

Families are searching for fun and entertaining summer activities now that summer is in full swing. There are many fun summer activities, whether you’re going to the local pool or working on your golf swing.

No matter what age you are, we all remember the first time that the magic and excitement of a circus enchanted us. We are very passionate about the Royal Canadian Circus and believe that every child must experience the Circushao at least once. Here are five good reasons to check out the Circus during summer.

1. The Immense Skill

Acrobats and Gymnasts in the Circus have trained for their entire lives. The Circus is full of talent, from the trapeze artists who fly high to the beautiful dancers.

Our talented artists will make your children feel inspired by their work and will encourage them to strive for the stars. What more can you ask as a parent than to see your child aspire to be their best?

2. Amazing Costumes

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays because it’s full of costumes. The fact that the Circus has so many interesting costumes is another reason it’s a good source of summer fun. You can be sure to see clowns in funny costumes and other performers in exotic attire when you visit the Circus.

Because the Circus is about artistic expression and is so deeply rooted in tradition, the costumes are just as important as the acts themselves.

3. Family involvement

Ever been asked to be a volunteer for a large show? It is a special thing to be selected to participate in a segment at a major event. It is a wonderful feeling to know that everyone is watching and that the whole piece revolves around you. Your children will never forget this feeling.

Our circus clowns are some of the most fun summer entertainers in the industry. They have been trained to engage with children and make them smile.

4. Elephants!

It goes without saying. Elephants are not the most common animals in North America. It’s amazing to see a child stare wide-eyed at an elephant when they first encounter it. You can only capture this in North America by visiting the Royal Canadian Circus or the Zoo.

5. Food

We don’t recommend eating circus food every day, but this summer’s fun entertainment does offer some of the best food around. Who doesn’t like cotton candy, fresh French fries, corndogs, and other tasty eats you can only get at the Circus?

Join Us Today

We recommend that you visit the Circus this summer as it’s one of the most fun ways to spend your time. We will be performing several circus shows in Etobicoke, near Toronto, throughout the first half of August if you haven’t seen it yet this year.

Please feel free to contact us at the Royal Canadian Circus with any questions or if you would like to come and see us before the summer ends.

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