5 Ways to Make a Fun Family Activity to the Circus Educational

Are you planning some fun activities for your children? Are you looking forward to the Royal Canadian Circus coming to your town in spring or summer this year? Are you looking for ways to make your excursion more educational and engaging for your children? Your children can learn a lot from a trip to the Circus. It can teach children character development, problem-solving, teamwork, and more. It also gives them the chance to see history in person rather than just reading about it.

Here are five ways you can visit the Circus: a learning experience for your family, not just something fun to do with them.

History Lesson

Visit your local library a week before you visit the Circus. Ask the librarian for books on the history of circuses. You will learn that the Circus dates back to ancient Rome when you read the literature together with your kids. Over 2000 years’ worth of history can be known. The chaos has changed since then, but the concept/idea behind it is still there.

Ask your children to share their thoughts after your visit. What made the Circus a fun experience for your entire family?

Character development

A trip to the zoo can teach your child a lot of valuable lessons about character building. The circus acts are very complex and require extensive training. All of this would not have been possible without the performers’ ability to remain positive, persevere through challenges, work in a team, and maintain a positive attitude. You can review the positive character traits with your child before the Royal Canadian Circus and try to spot 10 of them.


In order to create something exciting and entertaining, at least two people are required to perform the majority of acts. The strongest stunt performer, for example, is responsible for supporting agile participants. It’s impossible to reverse this and still have a pyramid of wonderful people! Pay attention to the body language of your team members, including slight head movements, glances, and nods. This type of non-verbal interaction is always open between team members, and it is necessary for smooth performances and transitions. You can use these examples in the classroom, on the playground, or at home.

Inspire You to Do Better

Circus is the only entertainment that guarantees children will enjoy themselves just as much as parents and grandparents. This makes it a great day out for all the family. The ability and intelligence of the performers can only inspire admiration and respect. It could also motivate children to set new goals in life and academics and try new things by setting an example.


When you bring together people with different personalities, conflicts are bound to occur. Performers have diverse backgrounds and other work habits and styles. While watching the Circus, please pay attention to how the final result is assembled and how each performer contributes to its success. This will make students more respectful of diversity and the differences that make us unique.

The Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! The 2017 show will be a great family entertainment for you and your children. This year, we will bring smiles, os, and awes to Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Regina in June and July. In August, we will be in Etobicoke near Toronto. Also, we have shows in Calgary, Edmonton Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, and more. Check us out to find the best family entertainment and unique summer activities.

We are looking forward to astonishing you beyond your imagination.

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