7 Beginner Tips For Circus Electrique

Circus Electrique is a unique title. The role-playing game (RPG) revolves around circuses and performers. The circus is the centre of all attacks and party members, which helps to distinguish it from other excellent indie games.

This unique premise is what will bring many people to Circus Electrique. Some people will be able to pick up the game immediately and get right to it. Others may have difficulty understanding some of the more complex mechanics and may need some tips.

The Strongman is a good all-rounder.

Anyone who has played the game knows that the Strongman is a great character at your party. Strongman is an excellent all-rounder unit that players can put into their team.

He is the Strongman and can provide tackiness and some good damage. Although he doesn’t have the best stats in all categories, he is still very good and can stand his own.

Take control of your Devotion.

The Devotion stat is something players will need to manage in Circus Electrique. The Devotion stat allows players to monitor their team’s progress and can be managed to ensure that the team is on the right track.

Every player should manage their Devotion. A high level of Devotion will increase the chances that the circus can complete activities ( ) and cause the show to be more popular. This, in turn, leads to more crafting resources.

Upgrade the Train First

Players can upgrade different parts of their circus using the appropriate amount of resources as they play the game. It turns out that upgrading the Train will be one of the most important decisions a player can make in short- and long-term gameplay.

The Train will allow players to increase their characters’ talents. More classes and performers will be available as the Train reaches higher levels. Upgrading the Train is possible with no disadvantage.

Only carry the essential items

Players can take items they need to help in battle when they go out to fight. It would be best for the player to bring only the most important items.

It may be tempting to bring everything, but it is smart to bring only a small amount. You can get through items faster this way. Soon, players will realize which items are more valuable than others (such as the Goo and the Bandage).

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