A Brief History of the Circus | Royal Canadian International Circus | Mall of America – Minneapolis, MA | April 13-23, 2023

There’s a buzz! There’s a buzz! Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) is scheduled to start the 2023 tour on April 13th at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MA. Fans of the Circus can expect an exciting experience, as this year’s show will be an amazing showcase of top circus performers from all over the globe. This event is specifically designed for families with multiple generations – anyone can appreciate our truly affordable shows regardless of age.

There are 198 shows scheduled for April through October 2023. The Circus will begin in Minneapolis and then travel to cities throughout Western as well as Eastern Canada. Two brand-new U.S. locations have been added to the itinerary this year: The American Dream Mall in New Jersey as well as Peachtree Mall in Columbus, Georgia. Peachtree Mall is located in Columbus, Georgia. Visit the RCIC website for a complete schedule of dates and cities.

In order to help you appreciate our classic Big Top circus, we will share with you some of the historical changes to the Circus throughout its history.

The Addition of New Circus Acts Started the Ball Rolling

The modern Circus started around the turn of the century and was led by Phillip Astley. Astley was an experienced horse rider, and therefore, the first Circus that was documented focused on equestrian acts. This was before the usual circus elements we see nowadays, such as clowns, acrobats, and rings, were introduced.

The tricks of Astley were not his inventions; however, he was the first person to develop an arena for his shows before an audience. He called the theater for performances”Circle” and called the building was called an arena. The theater and the hall became known under the title of Circus.

Other acts like plate-spinning and pole balancing were also introduced to the world by French director of circus Louis Soullier, who saw the concepts in action in China. The mainstream clown’s name was first introduced to the world through Joseph Grimaldi with his role of Little Clown in the pantomime “The Triumph of Mirth, or Harlequin’s Wedding,” in 1781. Flying trapezes were first introduced by another French actor, Jules Leotard, in 1859.

The Traveling Circus | The Adoption of Nomadic Lifestyle

In the 1800s in the 1800s, in the 1800s, the United States was expanding its area westward at a rapid speed. This was happening at the time when the Circus was being transported into North America from Europe.

The first contemporary circus within the United States was founded in Philadelphia by John Bill Ricketts in 1793. The Circus was a tour throughout the United States from Montreal to Havana during the first 20 years of the nineteenth century. Joshuah Purdy Brown was the first to utilize a large camper for the Circus in 1825. Since tents were simpler to set up, they gradually replaced the Circus’s structures as well as open areas. The advent of railroads made this transition easier and also allowed the Circus to reach wider audiences.

While certain modern circuses travel in a variety of different locations, some appear on stage in the same cities. The Circus likely shows you buy tickets online for is staged in a static structure. The appearance of the circus tent that travels is so recognizable in our society that it’s still used to present the spectacle.

The Royal Canadian International Circus not only shows under the famous Big Top tent, but it’s also a “travelling circus.”

There’s an undeniable universal appeal to the Circus, as evidenced by the fact that nearly every country across the globe has embraced it. The trend first began to spread across Paris to other countries due to the producers Charles Hughes (who started the Royal Circus in London) and John Ricketts (founder of many North American circuses).

The Exclusion of Exotic Animals

When we think about the Circus, it’s easy to imagine extravagant animals, swinging monkeys, and tigers leaping through hoops. Animals of exotic origin have always been an integral element of circus performances since the mid-1800s.

Concerns about the rights of animals have prevented Circus shows from incorporating exotic animals. Royal Canadian International Circus DOES not use any endangered or exotic species or animals in its shows or our performances. We changed our show’s format and current format six years ago and received 94% of positive feedback from our survey after-shows.

Royal Canadian International Circus 2023 | Purchase Circus Tickets Online

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