A Look into the Royal Canadian Circus Charities | Even More Reasons to Purchase Circus Tickets Online Now

The Circus is Back! The acrobats, performances, and acrobats will amaze both returning and new visitors in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. Online tickets are available for a variety of circus shows in B.C., Alberta, and Ontario from May to August.

One aspect of the Royal Canadian Circus that few people know is our commitment to Canadian charities each year. All children, no matter their physical or financial situation, want to experience the acrobats’ breathtaking performances and a traditional circus day. When you buy your tickets for the circus online, learn more about our efforts to make this show accessible to everyone.

Kids Up Front

Not every child grows up in the best of conditions. Some children, teens, and their parents don’t have the opportunity to experience a rich life because of poverty, illness, or disability.

We’ve distributed over 20,000 free tickets over the past five years to the Kids Up Front Foundation from Edmonton to Calgary and from BC to Alberta. The organization gives underprivileged children in Toronto access to cultural and recreational events.

The majority of agency partners will cover basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. However, cultural experiences such as the circus can help to heal the mind, foster social awareness, and nurture a feeling of “fitting-in.”

Do not let any seats go empty. Some so many kids could enjoy the circus. Buy your circus tickets with us online soon.

Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, Ontario, is a serious organization that cares about creating strong family ties and keeping children safe. The Children’s Aid Society in Toronto, Ontario, has a mission to put youth first by preventing abuse and neglect, promoting openness and accessibility, and preventing child neglect.

The Royal Canadian Circus is proud to donate 1,000 tickets to the Children’s Aid Society. Our production is a hit with children and their parents.

Ronald McDonald House Charity

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports the health and well-being of children around the globe. The Ronald McDonald House Charities has been helping children and their families for more than 44 years.

The North Alberta location in Edmonton is also a place where injured or sick children can receive treatment and have a home. We can not only raise the children to be healthy but also provide them with a sense that life is normal again by implementing programs such as the circus.

Buy circus tickets online and help us donate more tickets to families that the charity supports. British Columbia division described our donation as “a wonderful way for our families to create treasured memories by watching the Circus.”

Calgary South Asian Lions Club

The South Asian Lions Club was the beneficiary of the Calgary circus last year. The philanthropic work of this organization in Canada allows children and families with special needs to benefit from a variety of services and programs.

Royal Canadian Circus Family Circus Spectac! 2019 | BC – Alberta – Ontario

By buying circus tickets online at the Royal Canadian Circus, you not only support a Canadian tradition that dates back decades but also give back to a community that has enjoyed acrobats and jugglers for years.

The Royal Canadian Circus donates to Ronald McDonald House, Kids Up Front, and other charities to give underprivileged children the opportunity to see the circus.
Buy your tickets for the circus online and help give back.

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