Abandon Screens for Fun Summer Entertainment

How would summer fun entertainment be without screens? There are no flat electronic images to attract the attention of your family and provide entertainment. Yikes! It may be necessary to take the entire family outside and have some “free range” fun with all children, large and small. You can keep it local in your yard. Maybe create a waterpark with your garden hose or have a water balloon fight.

Gather your family and go to a park or conservation area to enjoy an afternoon picnic with some outdoor games like Frisbee or badminton. You could even form a spontaneous softball team with your family and friends and head to the baseball diamond. This summer, there are so many things to do and see when we divert our attention from screens.

Enjoy a Live Performance with Your Entire Family

Live performances are a great way to add excitement to your summer fun and activities. The Royal Canadian Circus is a great experience for children of all ages. Live performances provide a richer experience for the senses than can be achieved by screens. The circus is a great way to entertain the whole family. It offers thrills, laughs, and excitement that they can enjoy for years. It’s especially wonderful for generations to be able to enjoy the excitement together. There is something under Canada’s biggest big top summer event that everyone can enjoy. The conversations will continue in the car and beyond.

We won’t go; we grow.

The circus is an annual event that you should not miss if your goal is to give your family a gift of electrifying live entertainment they will never forget. The circus is a rare treat for many, but with screens dominating our lives, it’s no wonder that more and more people are missing out on the experience. The Royal Canadian Circus will not disappear. In fact, we are growing every year and introducing new talents to all audiences. Over the past fifty years, we have toured this wonderful country, and much has changed. Each decade has seen a marked change in the type of acts performed beneath our big top. Our circus family is more talented and skilled than ever, and the energy generated by each audience energizes the performers.

Create Circus Stories When the Power Goes Out.

Should the power ever go out in your house, causing all screens to fade to black and everyone scrambling to combat boredom, you can pull out of your shared-memories-pocket the tales of your circus experience and together relive the day you gifted the children with a most awesome performance. Summer activities can be shared with loved ones, and memories of the experience will last a lifetime. Everyone’s favorite act is remembered with great excitement by grandparents and children. There’s something at the circus for every child, from high-flying acrobats to crazy clowns who tumble under the big top. Power still out…?! Grab some pencil crayons and paper and let your creativity flow as you draw pictures of the shared experience that the family had at the circus. You can pass on a shared memory to the next generation for the price of a ticket!

Spectac! Oops, Awes

This summer, make memories and smiles for your family by planting smiles on your faces. The Royal Canadian Circus will provide endless “awes,” “hahahas,” and “ooos” with Spectac. Performances in selected cities and towns across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. You can find dates and locations in your area by checking the schedule. In June, we will be performing in Grande Prairie and Prince Albert; in June and July, in Saskatoon and Moose Jaw; and Ontario, near Toronto, in August. In just a few simple steps, you can purchase your circus tickets to ensure your summer family entertainment.

We are looking forward to your smiles and to wowing you and the family with our Spectac. 2017.

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