As spring brings much-needed sunshine and blossoms to our lives, We thought it was the ideal opportunity to take a moment to review our operations and provide a brief overview of how our life here in the Circus has been as of 2021 thus far. We’re hoping that the stringent restrictions on travel will soon be eased and that we’ll be able to meet you in person at our newly renovated Hotel. We want to inform you about the latest developments in our Hotel and provide you with something to be excited about!

It is possible to book your next trip on our website or select any of our gift cards, valid for three of our properties (The Circus Hostel and Hotel, Hotel, and Apartments) and can be used for the whole year!

  1. Are you making sustainability at a higher level? If there’s been to Berlin during summer, You may have noticed that the city isn’t air-conditioned. It is also possible that summers are becoming hotter, and it’s now challenging to endure the heat by relying on air conditioning. Being environmentally conscious We didn’t want our ideal temperature to come with a price to the environment. We set out to find a solution and found a solution that meets all the criteria. When you next stay at our Hotel, you can test our cutting-edge air conditioning system, which works silently and invisibly. That’s because it can be found in the ceiling of every room, and hot or cold water circulates to raise the temperature of your space either up or down, based on the time of year and your preference.
  2. Additionally, there is no draft; it is entirely safe for allergy sufferers and is silent. The best part? It’s connected to sensors within the windows that automatically shut off the air conditioner until the windows are closed. This reduces the need for energy and also reduces the environmental impact. The unit also has a cute control panel mounted on the wall that can be adjusted to meet your preferences for room temperature.
  3. The rooms in our hotels come with custom-designed drip bags for coffee. Forget horrible instant coffee sachets for your morning caffeine source while staying in the Hotel; we’ve got something better! Our official partners in the coffee roasting industry with Vote Roastery have created a unique Vote Coffee drip bag for our hotel guests. Making your morning cup of coffee is as easy as making the tea. You won’t need to be concerned about the unpleasant nasties accompanying your first coffee fix. The primary reason we picked the Vote brand is its uncompromising quality standards. We ensure that every cup of coffee at the Circus is top-quality and is the consequence of fair trading within the chain of coffee.
  4. Breakfast partners had just received a revamp when the time came that we first began building the Hotel; we had a concept of breakfast that would make you feel excited to get up each day. We decided to go with Codos because they shared our goal of establishing a new food concept that would transform the breakfast experience at hotels. Since it is a matter of caring for others, we utilize the convenience at our Hotel to assist Codos in becoming the latest cafe and breakfast destination in Rosenthaler Platz. What exactly does that mean? Guests of the Hotel can indulge in homemade and home-cooked pastries in our newly renovated Lounge, and our guests who aren’t guests do not have to miss the enjoyment. Codos has recently restored its pink interiors for visitors. It will serve breakfast, goodies, cake, pastries, and, of course, the inevitable special coffee drinks to anyone who enters its bright pink interior, located in our favorite spot on Rosenthalerplatz. While you’re there, make sure to taste their unique mix of a muffin and croissant with the adorable name”cruffin”! The taste will not disappoint.

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