Book ahead Australia: Tasmanian art, Adelaide writers and Bangarra dance

The land’s Lore

The Bangarra artistic director Stephen Page has curated a double bill for the new choreography Lore. Choreographed by Frances Rings, She Oak examines the story of the tree’s grandmother and the story that unfolded under the enveloping branches of her past, and the Bangarra’s very own Deborah Brown and Waangenga Blanco are bringing to life the stories about the stories of their Torres Strait home in I.B.I.S.

Master storytellers

Sexual politics and foo,d politics, and political machinations of politics are just a few of the subjects that will be debated during the program of Adelaide Writers’ Week. US Chef Dan Barber talks about the movement to eat from the table. At the same time, authors Roxane Gay and Kooshyar Karimi will discuss sexual violence and sex, and former prime minister Julia Gillard will discuss her experiences as a parliamentarian, along with 80 writers from all over the globe.

Ten days later

Formerly named Ten Days on the Island, The Tasmanian International Art Festival continues to celebrate the island lifestyle. Alongside a number of international artists performing festival tours, the visual arts initiative Colonial Afterlives examines the effects of British occupation throughout the world. The fascinating theatre festival Watermarklooks on the people of Queenstown, and the dire situation of threatened animals is explored in Calls across the Island, which is a program of family-friendly outdoor music events.

Darkness in the heart

Audience members will get close and intimate with some of the most renowned circus artists from around the world during Le Noir. The private show features performers, dancers, and comedians performing increasingly challenging feats as they push the adrenaline to the limit.

Fairy folk

The most beautiful independently-run music events are expanding as more artists have been confirmed to perform at The Port Fairy folk festival. Indie folk duo Luluc, as well as Scottish’s Fiona Rose and Frank Yamma, will be joining Sinead O’Connor, the John Butler Trio, Gloaming, and many more in the village of fishing near the end of the Great Ocean road.

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