Bring Your Entire Family to the Circus for Family Fun and Entertainment

The amazing Royal Canadian Circus is the perfect family activity that will bring hours of fun, laughter, and entertainment. This exciting new show has something for everyone, including the largest cat act in the world, featuring Tigers. Other highlights include performing Elephants, Equestrian horses, Trapeze artists, Comedy, Clowns, and high-flying Acrobatics. Our 2014 shows will leave you amazed by the talent and skills displayed.

Children love the circus. The circus is a childhood rite of passage that children love. From the smell and excitement of popcorn to sitting under the big tent, it’s a great experience. The circus is a place where family traditions and memories are made. Children will bring their children to the chaos to enjoy and be amazed by the performers and animals. Make the Royal Canadian Circus a family tradition.

The Royal Canadian Circus celebrates 251 years of Zerbini Family Circus History this year. The roots of our circus began in Paris in 1763 and continue to this day under the European-style big top.

The Royal Canadian Circus is back this year with a series of spectacular acts that will leave you in awe. Allow your family and children of all ages to experience the magic of a circus. This family activity allows your loved ones and children to spend time together away from the hectic pace of today. The Royal Canadian Circus will take your family back to the basics.

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