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The Royal Canadian International Circus is back after an absence due to pandemics, with 189 shows across 14 cities across Canada as well as The U.S. The 17 performances are set between May 6 and 15, 2022, in the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. It is possible to buy tickets on the internet to shows in the Minneapolis performances directly from the RCIC website. Premium and Exclusive VIP seating choices are available.

A brand-new show is waiting for you! The show is packed with entertaining and families-friendly entertaining entertainment and boasts high-flying aerial Acrobatics, life-threatening tricks, impressive feats of strength, and much more. The Minneapolis show is expected to be fun for everyone of all ages.

2022 Show Performers & Acts

The 2022 show will feature amazing, entertaining performers and much more. The complete list of the show’s circus artists is below.

Joseph Dominik Bauer – Ringmaster and Daredevil Extraordinaire

Herr. Bauer is a nine 10th-generation circus performer and is one of the top-rated Ringmasters in the world. With a long career that spans over four decades, the achievements in the field of aerial and circus are awe-inspiring. The most memorable performances are The Fifty-foot Wheel of Destiny, High Wire, Skywalks, and Incline Motorcycles.

Claudia Alvarado Bauer – Aerial Performer

Mrs. Alvarado is a third-generation circus artist originally from Mexico. Trapeze and aerialist performance, as well as her outstanding talent and beauty, are breathtaking. Her show on stage at RCIC is a must-see. You will be amazed by the precision and beauty of her performances.

Gimmi Fornaciari – Hand Balancing – Singer

Mr. Fornacari’s hand balancing and singing routine is unique in the world of circus. Simply stunning! Originating from Italy and a native of Italy, he is one of the few artists who can perform tenor and do amazing hand-balancing, acrobatic moves that are high in the air. He has also appeared on several renowned shows like Cirque Italia.

TZ Aerialists

They are stunning and talented ladies of the Air from Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Argentina, and Canada. When they perform, they will transport audiences into a realm of elegance and sophistication as they effortlessly glide through the air above the circus arena. The talented performers showcase the multicultural talents from this year’s Royal Canadian International Circus 2022 under the big top.

The Valencia Gauchos Dance with Boleradoras

They dance to the boleadoras, which are ancient weapons that spin at 90mph. They perform routines to the pulsating beats of the bombos (drums). The audience is dragged into Argentinian tradition as the famous Valencia Gauchos execute their dance quickly and swiftly using whips, caps, and dancing with their feet. Also, there are great opportunities for laughter and humor! The show is a thrilling, energy-packed blast that will be different from any other show you’ve ever seen!

Get the tickets for the Minneapolis show today before they sell out.

Important Note concerning Circus Animals

Royal Canadian International Circus has the highest respect for all species of wildlife that live on this planet. The shows we offer in Minneapolis show and all shows are focused on entertaining and entertaining for the whole family. We don’t have endangered or exotic species of animals or creatures or utilize these animals in our shows. Five years ago, the circus was transformed into a brand new format, which now includes acrobats, thrill shows, multicultural parades of circus families across the globe, and much more. Due to our uncompromising pursuit of excellence, you’ll be awed by this year’s completely brand-modern Royal Canadian International Circus 2022.

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