If there’s a thing that Berliners are unhappy about in their hometown city, it is the long and cold winter. However, the beauty of Berlin during this time of the year is in various shades. The cold wind comes down from the Arctic as you sip the gluhwein. A bright winter sky over the gray Berlin streets. Walking out of the cold into one of Berlin’s numerous cozy bars, cafes, and restaurants…

If you plan to visit our city in Berlin in the winter months, chances are you already have some museums and galleries, restaurants, and clubs you’d like to see. We’ve assembled our selection of less-known treasures in Berlin that are enjoyable regardless of the temperature dropping below freezing.

The selections are drawn from our DIY Berlin Guide – available at The Circus Hotel and Apartments (and coming soon to The Hostel). They are all worth visiting for themselves, but a few will take you to places in the city that many visitors do not get to see.

These tips are created through The Circus Team and illustrated by the fantastic Nina Hupen-Bestendonk. 


In an area of Berlins back courtyards, This is a gorgeous location to sip Tajik tea and savor Russian food. The best part is you must remove your shoes and lie on the floor! Insider tip: Order your Russian tea ceremony, and you will not regret it.

Recommended by Katrin, CEO of The Circus


A former crematorium transformed into an arts and culture center is always worthwhile to visit, and you must go to the cafe. However, if you genuinely want to explore the wonders of quiet greenery, consider buying a ticket to one of the performances in the dome or the underground hall!

Recommended by Sandra, Circus Design


The once central cinema for premier screenings within East Germany, Kino International still has the look and ambiance to be a part of its GDR “poshness.” Kino International is also one of the significant places for Berlinale Ber, Lin’s most important annual film festival. A large portion of the films are shown in English.

Recommended by Juri, Manager of The Circus Hotel


With a total area of around 20,000 square meters of Balinese luxury, which includes numerous saunas, small pools outdoors and inside, and relaxing rooms, the main attractions, Vabali is all about relaxing. However, it is essential to note that the German sauna is unsuitable for timid people. There’s plenty of nakedness. Be prepared!

Recommended by Jared, The Circus Lounge


Explore a location in Berlin’s Vietnamese community and narrate another chapter on the city’s fantastic heritage. A perfect place for those seeking out restaurant-quality dishes or ingredients in supermarkets that chefs cannot locate elsewhere in Berlin!

Recommended by Jan, Head of Reservations Administration

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