Circus Electrique Beginner’s Guide: 10 Things I Wished I Knew Before Playing

In this Circus Electrique Beginner Guide, I will share the best tips and tricks I have used to win combat, identify the buildings that need to be upgraded first, and determine the best Exploration Team. Circus Electrique, a Steampunk Tactical Turn-based RPG, was developed by Zen Studios and published in English by Saber Interactive. You play the role of a group of circus performers who must save Victorian London from the bloodthirsty killers. This Guide will help you decide what activities to prioritize to get the most from your experience.

Circus Electrique Beginner’s Guide: 10 Things I Wished I Knew Before Playing

Although Circus Electrique may not be as brutal as Darkest Dungeon, it can still be overwhelming due to all the information you are being given. Before you can manage the circus and its talents effectively, there are many mechanics that you must understand. This Circus Electrique Beginner Guide aims to help you narrow down which techniques are most important regarding combat strategies, morale management, and other skills. Let’s start with the best starter classes.

Circus Electrique Beginner Guide – Best Starter Classes

Circus Electrique has 15 archetypes, ranging from the Strongman to the Fire Blower, the Clown to the Escape Artist. As you move through the story, you’ll meet more of them. The Strongman and Clown are the best combinations of classes that have worked well. The Strongman is the first and most powerful class. He is a tank but also does massive damage. Although he may not be the group’s most proactive, this class can stand its ground in any situation.

The Front Blow and Spinebreaker are their most powerful skills. Spinebreaker is the most potent of the three. However, it can cause the most damage and incur a hit penalty or Precision. It is also very risky. The safer options are Front Blow or Stunning Attack Skills, which offer a good chance of immobilizing the target.

Circus Electrique Beginner’s Guide – How To Manage Devotion

Because of its impact on the well-being of your performers, the Devotion mechanic in the game will remind you of Darkest Dungeon’s Stress System. It also affects their effectiveness for that day. High Devotion in combat greatly increases the base damage of the same character and their chances to hit when they use skills that consume it. The blue border surrounding their icons indicates this. A high level of Devotion to Circus Shows can increase the chance of the activity being completed successfully. This increases popularity and gives you more resources for crafting consumables.

Circus Electrique Beginner’s Guide – Upgrade the Train and Sleeping Cart, or Set up a Tent First

It would help to choose between the Train, Sleeping Cart and Practice Tent buildings. You will have more talents and classes to help you identify the best party composition for your Exploration Team. You can upgrade this structure to increase some applicants’ max levels, giving you more options for recruiting high-level talent.

The Sleeping Cart grants medical assistance by restoring greater amounts of HP and Devotion, which are not replenished naturally if you choose the Hard or Normal difficulty modes. You can also upgrade this to unlock additional beds that allow you to manage more characters simultaneously.

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