How you start during the initial hour of your morning sets the mood for the remainder of your day. Whether you believe this or not, you likely have a routine or “morning routine.” That is a natural thing that happens without thinking about it. Some people start their day with a cup of coffee you make in your particular way, while for others, it’s a lux bowl of your favorite drinks made precisely the way you’d prefer it. It’s also the thing that makes you feel the home you’ve always wanted to be. Traveling generally means you must compromise and get the most you can from what’s available in your hotel or nearby cafes.

We have a great news!

The Circus Hotel will include breakfast in the numerous enhancements you can expect this winter. We proudly call our hotel your home away from home and are determined to make that claim as accurate as possible. Breakfast is included. What does that mean in actual practice is the question you have? Let’s take a look, readers, and discover!

Fantastic coffee, regardless of the!

At The Circus, We are serious about coffee. Perhaps you recall the day we launched the Circus Hostel Cafe with Tres Cabezas beans. It was a wonderful day! We also sent our staff members to undergo barista training to ensure that the foam of your cappuccino doesn’t disappear until you’re drinking your last cup. Today, we present the honor to Codos, the place you may have encountered in your travels to Hamburg. They’re offering their expert knowledge of coffee that will have you begging for another flat white after you’ve had enough of the first!

Speaking of Codos…

…they did not stop at coffee. Ozlem and Cihan, the geniuses behind Black Apron, joined forces with us to ensure that the top coffee they serve in The Circus Hotel has delicious food. They came in and offered us a sample of their best breakfast options, and let us say they did a great job! We’re not able to divulge too much information and ruin the surprise; however, you can be sure that a delicious breakfast will send you soaring from our Birkenstock bed (which is an entire subject in and of itself).

A selection to please everyone’s palate

If the running of a hotel can teach anyone anything, it’s how amazing the diversity of culture we can across the globe and all the traditions it has. Breakfast is not an exception. We are aware of the numerous variations of breakfasts that this world has. Therefore, we enlisted Jared on the list, who you may recall from a charitable project we completed recently. He’s been hard at work throughout the last few months, seeking the top breakfast options Berlin offers regarding the best granolas and pastries and other breakfast options for those who want a leisurely breakfast or an on-the-go breakfast. It’s safe to say should you be interested in what breakfast options you can find at the brand-new Circus Hotel, we’ve checked every box!

Visit our website and make a reservation for your stay today! We’re so happy to welcome you back to us again that we’re giving you 20% off your entire visit through us up to March 31, 2021. All you need to do is go to our booking page and apply the coupon code RISE AND SHINE during checkout. We hope to see you soon!

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