What does every hostel need in a hostel, particularly one in the middle of the German capital? Everyone will be able to answer this question; however, the answer was evident for Jim and his team at The Circus Hostel. We believe we were among the first hostels with a brewery, and we love our brews! Check out the following article to learn more details about The Circus Microbrewery…

A little bit of history

If we’re asked about the process and the purpose of the Circus Microbrewery, The simple response is that we are passionate about beer. We also enjoy German beer, made according to German purity laws. So, when we started renovating our basement in 2014, we finally realized a long-standing dream that was destined to come true: our brewery. Of course, dreaming about it is something, but we all had any knowledge or experience of how to make the perfect beer, that’s why…

Our brewmaster – Heiko

…we found Heiko. Originating from Bremen in north Germany, which is the home of Becks, Heiko has more than 30 years of working as a Brewer. He has worked for a number of the largest brewing companies in Germany. However, he is at his best when creating small-scale beers according to his recipes, which include the beers made for The Circus.

We drink our beer.

At The Circus Microbrewery, we produce delicious session beers like Amber ales and pilsners that are ideal for a brewery located in a hostel! On occasions requiring special attention, Heiko will also create seasonal beers for us to enjoy, for example, the Oktoberfest beer in the autumn and a robust Bock beer at Christmas to help soften the impact of the gray Berlin winter months!

The Microbrewery Taproom

And where can you try our beer? We offer bottled Circus beer available in the Circus Cafe and on The Circus Hotel rooftop terrace honesty bar. However, for those who want to taste our draught beer, you must go to The Circus Microbrewery Taproom in the hostel. In addition to our beers, there are wines, cocktails, and other non-alcoholic specials. The bar is open every night starting at 7 pm. And while you’re there, make sure to go to our David Hasselhoff museum, named in honor of the Baywatch actor who has an extensive and enigmatic connection to this city.

Beer in Berlin

There’s never been a better time for those who love beer to travel to Berlin. Alongside the traditional intersection of Kneipe (pub) and the beer gardens – make sure you visit the Prater, located right across the hill from the Circus – the past decade or so has seen a shift in Berlin’s beer scene. Berlin beers scene. Craft breweries and taprooms have opened across the city. In our reception, you’ll discover The Circus Beer Map, packed with recommendations for a few of our favorites.

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