Easy to Purchase Circus Tickets Online

We make buying circus tickets online as simple as possible. No need to topple like a circus clown or walk on the high wire. You can buy your tickets for the circus online in just a few clicks. You can secure your seats in just a few simple steps. Your circus tickets can be conveniently stored on your mobile phone, allowing for a worry-free experience or a backup plan when you arrive at the show. Our website has a lot of information, is easy to use, and makes it convenient for you to purchase tickets.

Affordable Family Entertainment

You will be surprised at how affordable it is to spend a day with the Royal Canadian Circus. The ticket prices for most family activities can be quite expensive, especially for events such as concerts or sporting events. Even going to the movies and watching live theatre are not cheap. You may also need to purchase food or event memorabilia, which will increase the price of the experience for your kids. A family trip to the circus can be a great way to make lasting memories for your children.

Visit Us on Facebook to Get Details and Discounts

We offer updates on our performances in 2017, videos, images, and even discounts for tickets. Early bird tickets are available for certain performance locations. You can find out more about our Facebook page and get discount codes to use when purchasing tickets online. Our page is always updated with the most recent news, so you’ll never miss out on any updates about circuses, promotions, or additional performances. Come out and see us live as we tour across Canada this year. Please interact with us via Facebook.

Rare Circus Performance

Families around the world don’t get to see the circus every day. Some circuses that have been around for a long time are closing or slowing down, so the opportunity to see one is rare. It is even more exciting to take your child to a live performance of a circus, knowing that this will be viewed as incredibly rare by their classmates and friends. By purchasing your tickets early, you can ensure that your entire family will be able to see a traditional and authentic circus under Canada’s biggest ‘bigtop.’

We are proud to present our spectacular!

The Royal Canadian Circus, Canada’s largest circus, is growing. We are happy to announce that for the first ever time, Spectac! It will be performed in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. In 2017, the Royal Canadian Circus will be performing in towns and cities across Saskatchewan and British Columbia. In May, we will be in Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Regina. Also, we have shows in Calgary, Edmonton Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, and other places. On our website, we keep an updated performance schedule with confirmed dates and locations. Stay tuned for details and announcements about shows in Ontario and around Toronto this summer. This year, we’re excited to present our Spectac to Canadian families and children. We hope to see and hear you cheer as we perform!

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