Eight Steps to Penn & Teller’s Circus Card Trick: Easy Card Tricks

Card tricks are one of the most common magic tricks. It is easy to find a deck of cards, and you can perform many cool card tricks with them. Playing cards, including mathematical puzzles, eye candy, and subtle intellectual mysteries, many card effects can be achieved.

In 8 Easy Steps, How to Perform Penn & Teller’s Circus Card Trick

This illusion can be performed with a deck of cards and a table. It would help if you also had practice. Pay attention to the wording. Use specific words and lines to increase the deceit’s effectiveness.

Step 1 – Gather your audience around a table. If people can see the tabletop clearly, they can spot the card you intend to deal with. The ending won’t impact if spectators can’t see the dealt cards.

Step 2 – Invite someone to choose a card. Ask a spectator to shuffle and place the cards on the table. Ask them to take a few cards from the packet and place them on the table. From the above, place your right hand on the innermost end and your fingers on the outer. Next, grab the top half. This is crucial for the next step. Ask the spectator to look at the top card from the bottom packet and show it to everyone.

Step 3 – Identify your keycard. Ask the spectator to return their card. As you do this, point your right index finger at the packet. To see the bottom card, tilt your packet by pointing it down. This manoeuvre should be practised to quickly and accurately tilt the packet while still peeking at the bottom card.

Step 4 – Cut the chosen card to the middle. The selected card should be in the middle of your deck to maximize its impact when you deal with the cards. To bring the card closer to the centre, Step 5 – Prepare your audience to “fail” Take the deck in your left hand and pick it up. “I will use my instincts to find the chosen card,” I tell everyone. Keep your face straight, and don’t react to the card.

Step 6 – Deal to identify the spectator’s card. You will begin dealing cards once in a while, placing them face-up on the table. You will need to practice dealing with them in a neat pile but not too neat. You want it to look natural enough that you can still see it. Step 7 – Attract the spectator with a sure bet. You can deal with a few more cards, but you must not completely cover the chosen card. The audience should be able to see the card clearly and will think that you are failing the trick. Now, pause and say, “My instincts are telling me that the next deck… No.” Do not deal with any more cards.

Step 8 – Flip the selected card over. If the spectator is willing to place a bet, they will flip one of the random cards. Next, place the right-hand hand card back on the deck. Reach down, pick up the card they choose, and then turn it upside down. The selected card was the next card that you turned over.

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