Enjoy a Circus Visit for Fun Summer Activities and Entertainment for Kids and the Family

The summer is upon us, and parents are looking for family-friendly activities and entertainment. Why not spend a day at the Royal Canadian Circus in Medicine Hat or Lethbridge? Or Calgary, Red Deer, and other parts of Alberta. The entire family will enjoy our performances as you watch from the ringside. Royal Canadian Circus has something for everyone, from our animal performers to amazing circus acts.

The Royal Canadian Circus is not only affordable and fun, but it’s also a great family activity. Everyone, from little ones to grandparents, will be astonished by the acrobats. The trainers and animals perform together magically, bringing a new generation of circus-goers to the circus. The circus’ history is important in keeping the magic alive. Taking the kids to the Chaos is a Canadian tradition.

Parents and grandparents can recall their childhood visits to the circus with their family. Passing this knowledge on to their children is a great gift, as the circus is thrilling and exciting and is the stuff of which wonderful memories are created. The Chaos is a great place to bring your kids. They will be captivated by the shows and the popcorn and cotton candy smell. Annual trips can become family traditions. Including our circus family in your family will strengthen bonds and allow you to spend time together away from the daily commotion.

The Royal Canadian Circus offers a variety of family-friendly shows in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. Calgary, Red Deer, and all over Alberta. The Royal Canadian Circus offers summer entertainment and activities for the whole family. Create lasting memories with your family by joining us.

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