Everyone is welcome under the big top: a multiple case study on circus arts instruction in physical education



Using an extensive case study, this study was designed to examine the effectiveness and application of circus arts education in PE (PE) classes.

Data Collection/Analysis

The multi-site case study examined the effectiveness and application of instruction in circus arts in PE. Participants were observed throughout sixteen hours of class time for two weeks. The themes were developed by collapsing observations from familiar sources, using Braun and Clarke’s 6-step analysis procedure.


Implementing a circus in elementary schools showed numerous advantages to the teaching methods and the student experience based on four themes. The topics were: (1) Circus in action and a shift in the teaching methods; (2) Teacher training in the circus; (3) Facilities and equipment for the circus as well as (4) methods of teaching.


Through the integration of physical literacy-based pedagogical practices that are enriched and circus arts education, it made the gymnasium a space that is accessible for all students. It also addressed the many barriers that are often seen in PE relating to gender equity and sex, as well as the inclusion of students with different levels of capability (physical as well as cognitive). Our research suggests that circus arts are one of the most well-known examples of an enhanced physical literacy experience that includes inclusion at the heart of it.

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