Experience This Year’s Royal Canadian Family Circus Spectac! 2019

There’s a summer activity for everyone. In 2019, the Royal Canadian Circus will be touring Canada again. The Royal Canadian Circus will tour Canada again in 2019.

Don’t miss this opportunity, whether you are a local from BC, Alberta, or Ontario or if you’re visiting on vacation. There’s always something to see at the Royal Canadian Circus. Find out what makes this summer’s circus such a fun family activity.

Future Trends

Customers have been so pleased with our previous performances that they’ve asked us to add more shows this year. We’ve responded by adding extra shows in Ontario, including Etobicoke and Scarborough, as well as Mississauga and Burlington.

We are also increasing our use of online resources to make it easier for everyone to get to the circus. Previously, the majority of tickets were bought at the door. Online sales account for 80% of all circus tickets. Also, be sure to follow our Facebook page. We announce regular 2-for-1 offers and exclusive deals.

Our visitors can enjoy a variety of family-friendly activities this summer thanks to the Royal Canadian Circus. Check back often, as there will be new and exciting acts this year.

What We Are Continuing

Certain things do not need to be changed. The show last year was phenomenal, with the best attendance in Canada and a glowing reception from the public. That’s why we are keeping the same talented leader. Joseph Bauer, a 9th-generation circus performer who has been performing daredevil feats for 35 years, is the Ringmaster. You can also see the Flying Cortes Family, the Xtreme Chinese Acrobats, and the Domingez Motorcycle Globe & MotoSwing, a world-famous 5-man high-wire act.

In addition, we’re continuing the practice that began in 2016 with regard to exotic animals. The show will no longer feature endangered species, and our post-show survey shows that the majority of customers agree with our decision.

Our commitment to charity is still strong this year. Admission passes for Ronald McDonald House Charities in Alberta are still given away to Edmonton. Guests can also donate tickets through the Kids Up Front Foundation to children who deserve them.

Where the Circus Tour Goes in 2019

Do not miss our May-July 2019 Tour in British Columbia, from May 9th through June 9th. And Alberta, from June 14th through July 7th. This is an adrenaline-filled summer performance that you won’t want to miss. Eastern Canada tickets will be available in February. Western Canada shows have already sold out.

Royal Canadian Family Circus Sectac! 2019 | BC – Alberta – Ontario

Royal Canadian Circus has been a Canadian tradition for many years. Even our oldest visitors remember it. This fun family summer activity is only available for a limited number of days each year. Buy your tickets now. This show is selling out fast, so don’t wait.

This year, the Royal Canadian Circus will be returning to Ontario, BC, and Alberta.
Online ticket sales and promotions will make it easier than ever to see our beloved Ringmaster and all the performances that day.
You can purchase tickets through our site.

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