The time spent together as a family must be enjoyable. It should be about having fun with your loved ones, exploring new experiences, exploring new destinations, and enjoying a relaxing moment away from the stress and pressures of everyday life. The last thing you need is stress and strains that will remain with you during your vacation. When you go on your next vacation with your family, what location do you prefer to stay at?

At The Circus Apartments, we’ve tried to think of everything possible to make your ideal home away from home in Berlin and an ideal base to discover all Berlin offers.

In your home…

The apartments can have baby cribs (120 60cm x 120cm) or children’s beds (160 70cm x 160). We can supply infant chairs, a baby bath with a toilet seat reducer, and a changing table, all upon demand and free. Our concierge staff can ensure table-angle protectors and plug-socket covers and that bamboo cutting boards, infant cups, and bibs equip your kitchen.

If you need some peace or the weather hasn’t been cooperating, we can install table tennis or table football in your apartment and supply you with toys for kids of all ages. If you’re in the mood for some time with your parents, our concierge staff can assist you with booking a professional babysitter service.

Within the City…

After everything is settled “at home,” you must leave to explore Berlin. We offer modern city bikes for rental to experience the city from the perspective of two bikes. Also, the most recent version of our bicycle fleet – which is especially helpful for children who aren’t tall enough to pedal by themselves is the electric Cargo Babboe Bike.

This top-of-the-line cargo bike was designed by the Netherlands in 2005. With the help of an electric paddle, it won’t sweat. This means you can explore the city with your kids secured in a safe place or utilize the bike to store ingredients for the next culinary creation at home in the Circus Apartment kitchen.

Be our guides…

Whatever your family’s interests the most, our concierge staff can assist you with advice and activities suitable for kids or old, and everything in between. Make sure to visit the page for events to see what’s happening in the world of The Circus throughout your visit, which includes an exclusive behind-the-curtain schedule of excursions and activities that guide you to locations in Berlin that are otherwise difficult to access.

Whatever you and your family are looking for when you visit Berlin No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll try all we can to achieve it. If you have any particular needs or requests, such as infant and child beds and other items listed above, that you’d want to have ready upon arrival to Berlin, contact us.

We’re excited to see you and your family shortly.

Richie, as well as The Circus Apartments team

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