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If you had entered a circus tent during the 1800s, the spectacle you would see was vastly different from the one you’d find in the modern-day production. The art of circus has changed dramatically throughout the decades. But the goal remains the same – to entertain families with stunning spectacles and stunts.

If you are purchasing tickets for the circus on the internet for The Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2019 season, it may be beneficial to understand the changes that the chaos has seen since its beginning. This will increase your appreciation for the shows you’ll experience.

The Addition of New Circus Acts Started the Ball Rolling

Philip Astley created the first known circus in 1782 in Paris. He was a professional rider, so the show primarily focused on equestrian feats before the more common elements we see today, such as clowns, acrobats, or rings. Rings were added later.

Other acts like plate-spinning and pole-balancing were also introduced during the time that French Circus manager Louis Soullier brought them back from China on his trip to China. Also, the trapeze that flew was invented by another French artist, Jules Leotard, in 1859.

The New Focus of the Content

The long-time circus artists have observed that the newer circuses are slightly more character-focused and narrative as opposed to traditional ones. This means that more attention is given to the performers on the stage than they have ever been.

As mentioned earlier, although the first productions were mostly cavalry soldiers, the new shows added music, dance, and themes to the mix.

The Adoption of the Nomadic Lifestyle

The U.S. was merging toward nomadism while the circus was being transported to North America from Europe. Travelers seeking to establish colonies on the newly acquired land discovered their lives filled with excursions to the West.

The circus was forced to stand up and run. Instead of the permanent structures found to be found in Europe, American circuses adopted the traditional circus tent. They started moving from one location to another and selling tickets for shows throughout the country. The advent of the railroad system made this transition even more rapid.

While certain modern circuses travel and perform regularly on stage in the same cities. Most likely, the chaos shows you buy tickets online for are staged in a static structure. But, the look of the circus tent that travels is so beloved in our society that it’s still used to symbolize the event.

The Exclusion of Exotic Animals

It’s easy to envision the dazzling elephants, monkeys swinging around, and lions hopping through hoops as the mainstays of a circus. Animals were introduced to the chaos in the middle of the 1800s.

Nowadays, concerns about animal rights have stopped contemporary productions from incorporating exotic animals. For instance, the Royal Canadian Circus itself strongly believes in the ownership of animals, and since the year 2016, it has stopped the use of animals. Another reason to buy tickets for the circus online for the show.

The Spread into an International Phenomenon

There’s a universal appeal of the circus, as evidenced by the fact that nearly every part of the world has embraced it. The trend was first introduced across Paris to other countries thanks to the producers Charles Hughes (who started the Royal Circus in London) and John Ricketts (founder of many North American circuses).

The French even introduced this circus into China during the middle of the 1800s. Russia also became a center for circus shows and schools devoted to the training of the ringleaders and acrobats.

Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2019 | B.C.- Alberta-Ontario

These developments demonstrate how the craft of circus hasn’t diminished over the past few decades. Modern circuses also blend elements from both the past and the current, creating a unique and dynamic art form that has been around until today.

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It’s been around for many centuries. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s seen a number of modifications. Since its beginning at the end of the 17th century, the circus has introduced new shows, started offering shows on wheels, was operated by the nomadic system, expanded across the globe, and embraced the rights of animals.
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