How to Save When Purchasing your Circus Tickets Online

The phrase “Ah, the Circus!” can be heard by Canadians when they see colorful and large Circus Posters and TV Spots or Commercials about the Royal Canadian Circus. Some people are so enamored with these shows that they will travel from out of the city/province to see them. The thought of talented performers performing acts that will “ooo” or “awe” audience members of all ages casts a magical spell.

Are you currently buying circus tickets? You should consider two things when purchasing circus tickets:

  1. The best seats for the money spent
  2. Save on tickets no matter where you are seated

Spending too much money can make you feel downhearted and ruin the fun of an activity that is meant to be shared with family members of all ages.

Online shopping is the best way to get discounts on circus tickets. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get timely updates about our shows. We also hold contests from time to time where you can win coupons, discounts, 2-4-1 offers, or other vouchers. Do not wait too long, as seating is limited, and shows sell out quickly. Please note that coupon codes only apply to general admission tickets.

Following are some of our social media campaigns.

Don’t panic if there isn’t a great deal for a show near you. Our circus tickets start at a reasonable price. General admission tickets cost $25/access, while VIP tickets cost $35/ticket. Ringside seats are also available at a price of $50/ticket. We want to make going to the circus affordable for everyone.

We believe in organizing family fun activities for the entire family to enjoy with their children. We try to find ways to encourage families to leave the couch and turn off the TV, as well as to put aside their work for a cause. It is important to spend quality time with your family. The more time spent together, the greater the chance of having quality experiences.

Healthy families maintain a balance between spending “too much time” together and not enough. Healthy families spend enough time together to satisfy everyone. When children see that their parents are able to balance their lives, they will learn to do the same.

The Royal Canadian Circus

In June and July, we generated smiles, “ooos”, and “awe”s in Surrey &Vancouver. We will also do this in Abbotsford this weekend &Saskatoon – Moose Jaw – and Regina. We’ll be at Etobicoke in Ontario, near Toronto, in August. There are also shows in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, and other cities.

We are looking forward to delighting all of you beyond your imagination.


The husband-wife high wire act, featured on America’s Got Talent as well as the Dominguez Dog Act from Mexico, Martin Espana American Cyclone Motorcycle Show, Andrea and Alejandro Gonzales’s “aerial belt” performance from Peru, Piolita Videlaa, the clown from Argentina, the “Super Heroes” aerial featuring Mica Duo from Columbia, and many more. Click here for more information on the performers and acts you can expect at the Royal Canadian Circus.
Click here for your tickets to the circus today. You will not be dissatisfied if you decide to bring your family out for a traditional circus experience with a twist. You will always remember the fun you had with family and friends.

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