Life as a Stage: the Amazing Stories Behind 5 Breath-taking Performers You’ll See at the Royal Canadian Circus

The Royal Canadian Circus is back in town this summer of 2018 in Ontario. Featuring a diverse cast of performers from various walks of life, the RCC is the perfect family-friendly activity for both you and your children to enjoy. But there’s a story behind every performer you’ll see. Once you’ve purchased your circus tickets online, read on to learn about 5 of the many entertainers you’ll have the opportunity to experience.

Joseph Dominic Bauer – Ringmaster

Born in Sarasota, RCC ringmaster Joseph Bauer began his career at a very young age when he joined his family’s feature act, the Fabulous Fearless Bauers. Coming from several generations of circus performers, Joseph represents one of Switzerland’s oldest circus families.
For over 35 years, Joseph has done daredevil stunts, including hire wire acts, skywalks, and incline motorcycles. He’s been featured in various other circuses across the world as well, including Equitana USA, the Moscow Cirque, and the Barnum and Bailey Circus.
His daughter Ambra continues the tradition, traveling across North America with the circus.

Thomas Aguila – The World’s Greatest Juggler

Known by his stage name, Tommy Tequila, Thomas Aguila from Mexico prides himself on being the unofficial fastest juggler in the world. He juggles so fast his hands are nearly invisible. He’s even juggled seven ping pong balls using only his mouth, earning him several free dinners from friends.
Born into a circus family, he started his career at the age of 12. Since he was afraid of heights, Tommy focused on his juggling skills extensively. Nowadays, he travels with his family to the circus. His wife even dropped engineering to work on the trapeze with him.

Duo Guerrero – 4 Man High Wire

Married couple Aura and Werner Cardinali now live together in Florida, but they originally met and got married in Spain. The duo specializes in high-wire acrobatics.
One of their greatest accomplishments was being featured on season 11 of America’s Got Talent, where they performed splits, chair balancing, and standing on each other’s shoulders on a high wire. Judge Howie Mandel even described it as the “most amazing death-defying thing I have ever seen.” The duo managed to wow the judges enough to qualify for Judge Cuts.
Ever since then, they’ve been featured at the Winter Olympics, recorded many albums, and have made appearances on various television programs.

Andrea and Martin Gonzales – Aerial Maneuvers

Another husband and wife duo, the Gonzales performers from Peru and Puerto Rico, specialize in aerial acrobatics. Martin himself began training at the age of 3.
Coming from the 5th generation of circus performers, their Duo Strap Act amazes audiences to this day at the Royal Canadian Circus.

The Tarzan Zerbini Dancers

The Zerbini circus act dates back to 1763 in Italy. Still, the story truly begins around 1900 when the family moved to North Africa, then a French colony, before finally settling their circus business in France after receiving French citizenship.
Tarzan, birth name Jean, himself joined the circus at the age of 11. In 1962, he became famous for being the first trainer to control lions and tigers using only his voice and body language without whips or chairs. This act soon made him the highest-paid animal act in the business for a while and earned him a spot on many popular television shows.
Despite suffering a performance injury in 1967 and the loss of his father only two years later, he pressed on and started his circus and a new family. His circus has since then made rounds in North America successful enough to put himself back on top. You can see him soon at the Royal Canadian Circus this summer.

Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2018 – Purchase Your Circus Tickets Online Now!

See these amazing performers, along with many others, in person at the Royal Canadian Circus this summer. Experience the breathtaking fruits of their labor with your family. The circus appeals to all ages, and you can purchase your circus tickets online now.
Our next session for the summer of 2018 will premier in Etobicoke, Ontario, at Woodbine Center. All eight shows will run from August 9th to the 12th.
* The Royal Canadian Circus features remarkable performances from the world’s greatest acrobats.
* Every amazing act has a story behind it. Please read about how five of the RCC’s cast have built their careers.
* Purchase your circus tickets online now and join a 50-year-old Canadian circus tradition with your entire family.

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