Looking for Fun Family Activities? It Starts with the Royal Canadian Circus

Do you remember your first circus? The circus is the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of family entertainment and fun activities. Chaos is a timeless tradition, and it represents the perseverance and dedication of individuals who are willing to dazzle their audiences with their skills and expertise.

Enjoy Your First Family Entertainment Experience

When you were a kid, your parents would tell you stories about the circus and its splendor. You can’t help but be excited when you see acrobats walking on a tightrope and flying off trapezes while high above the ground. There are also ferocious animals from the jungle working with their handlers.

You were stunned when you first arrived at the parking area. The massive big top towered over everything for miles. The fun had just begun. The show started as soon as you found your seat. As the lights dimmed, anticipation grew, the ringleader appeared. The show was filled with hours of family fun that you’ll never forget.

The circus is a great family activity and entertainment for your child, whether they are young or old.

Unpacking Spectac! 2018

Circuses are the best family entertainment. Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect from Spectac. 2018:


Joseph Dominic Bauer, a man who comes from a family of circus performers with over nine generations, is the presenter of Spectac! Joseph Dominic Bauer is the man behind this show, who comes from a circus family that has been performing for over nine generations. Bauer is not just a ringleader. He also performs daredevil stunts. High Wire

Aura and Werner Cardinali, a talented Portuguese husband-and-wife duo and their troupe, perform the high wire act. Did you know that they appeared on America’s Got Talent 2016?
Equestrian Show

The working relationship between humans and horses is a tradition that dates back many years. What better way is there to honor this tradition than with a show of finesse and skill featuring horses?
Chinese Acrobat Troupe

Acrobats make a circus tick. Acrobats from China bring a lot more flair and bedazzlement to the Spectacle. It is one of our fun family activities.
Aerial Strap

It takes courage to perform a complex dance routine while climbing dozens of feet in the air. The ever-talented Andrea Gonzales and Martin Gonzales have been happy to show off their talents.


Tommy Tequila’s juggling show is full of charisma, style, and tricks that will amaze you. You’ll be surprised at what he is able to juggle.

Quick Change Act

You’ll miss the quick change act if you blink. Vyorel Bilea and Elena Bilea perform a ‘quick change act,’ where they switch between costumes and sets.

Hoop Maze

Have you tried the hula hoops? Elena Bilea is the only person who can do it. Watch her navigate with ease through the hula-hoop maze.


Tarzan Zerbini dancers will make you rethink your perception of dancing. You’ll never see dancing the same way again.

Come and Join the Royal Canadian Circus in Spectac! The 2018 Circus Season is Here

Royal Canadian Circus offers fun activities for the whole family to enjoy with your children, whether they are young or old. We love what we do and will continue to entertain many generations.

You can check out our show in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario this spring or summer if you’re interested. See the magic of the circus for yourself.

  • This summer, you can enjoy family-friendly entertainment with more than 90 shows.
  • Ontarians will enjoy the shows in Mississauga as well as Markham, Pickering, and Burlington.
  • The Royal Canadian Circus is proud to support the Kids Up Front Canada charitable organization.

Visit our website to find out the exact dates and locations of our shows in Western Canada, Ontario, and Calgary, including Surrey, Tsawwassen and Richmond, Abbotsford and Calgary, Oakville, Burlington and Pickering, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. Tickets can be bought online. Enjoy the Royal Canadian Circus as a family activity that is fun for children of all ages.

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