Mark your Calendars: The Royal Canadian International Circus’ Big Top Is Going Up In New Jersey and Georgia!

The Royal Canadian International Circus has brought its magic of the circus across Canada and the USA and Canada in the past five months. Their next stop is East Rutherford, New Jersey, and Columbus, Georgia! Please take a look as we take off the curtain and reveal more about our history and what thrilling shows we have planned for you.

Our Big Top and Circus History

The Royal Canadian Circus is a long-running and well-known circus company. We present shows that combine traditional and contemporary performances and make it an enjoyable occasion for families as well as individuals. With a rich past and a variety of amazing performers, the circus has circus performers, incredibly skilled acrobats, and many other acts in our famous big tent, which is yellow and red.

The Royal Canadian Circus stems from the Zerbini Family Circus, representing more than 250 years of circus tradition. The Zerbini family, originally from France, and the famed Big Top Circus have traveled all over the world, performing their skills to audience members across three continents since 1763!

The Royal Canadian Circus is a great opportunity to be part of the live entertainment that has been going on for hundreds of years!

The Tour

The 2023 tour puts on 198 amazing performances throughout Canada as well as the USA. Our amazing performers have captured audiences across the world, including the stunning scenery that lies in the western part of Canada and the bustling cities in the east. Each show has been a memorable adventure for family, friends, and thrill seekers of all ages.

The Big Top will be popping up on the American Dream Mall in New Jersey starting on September 14th through 23rd. Then, we’ll head south to make our debut at Peachtree Mall, located in Georgia!

Keep your eyes peeled for the most spectacular spectacle of bright lights, laughter, and amazement. Don’t forget to check them out on these events since they are the last stops on the 2023 tour!

A Glimpse Into This Year’s Acts

From aerial and contortionists to crossbow performances, magic shows, and crossbow acts, the Royal Canadian Circus has got everything! The Royal Canadian Circus is full of extraordinary shows that will make you stunned. Every performer is a part of the multigenerational family of circus performers and has become a master of their craft. They come together to put on a spectacle that your loved ones will never forget.

Check out The Globe of Death that Hugo Fernandez heads. You’ll be on high alert as they race their motorbikes inside a huge steel cage, doing tricks while traveling at speeds of up to 50mph!

An equally captivating and completely different experience Is the Ladies of the Air from Mexico, Peru, the United States, Argentina, and Canada. These ladies will impress you with their grace and beauty when they perform aerialist performances above the circus arena.

The German edition of America’s Got Talent and hailed as the only high-wire performance of this type across North America, the amazing Five Guerrero High Wire Troupe is among the headline acts of this year. Be amazed when they perform dynamic Acrobatic moves 25 feet high above the ground. These daring performers ride bicycles over the high wire. They jump, leap, and skip 3inches over one another and then dance!

Showdates & Showtimes

You’re likely to be thinking, “When can I go?” We’ve got your back here

What do you think about seating? There are a variety of tickets available! Do you want to experience that intimate and intimate experience? Watch the action live right Up Front by upgrading to VIP seating or PLUSH RINGSIDE SEATING! There are no seats assigned, which means first come – first served.

Buy Your Circus Tickets

The purchase of tickets for your tickets for the Royal Canadian International Circus is simple! Tickets can be purchased through the links below, or if you’re going to Peachtree Mall, the American Dream Mall, the Peachtree Mall, or the Peachtree Mall, buy tickets at the Guest Services desk.

In addition, tickets can be purchased on-site (at the Big Top box office), which is open every show day from 10:00 until 08:00 at night. Be aware that ticket purchases on-site are only cash-only, and ticket prices could be higher than when purchased on the Internet. We strongly recommend buying tickets early to make the most of discounted prices before the price goes up!

Whatever method you prefer, getting your ticket to this incredible event is only two clicks, or a one-stop visit is just a few minutes away. Prepare yourself for this year’s Royal Canadian Circus, which is taking you on a thrilling trip of pure magic!

Additional Details

The Royal Canadian International Circus promises an enjoyable day out for people of all age groups. From children in the family to those who are young at heart, we promise a truly memorable experience.

To accommodate larger groups, please direct inquiries to In keeping with our dedication to family fun, Children under the age of 3 get free admission, so they do not require a separate ticket. The duration is 2.5 hours, with an intermission lasting 30 minutes and a 30-minute intermission; the Royal Canadian International Circus invites you to take you on a wild ride in the circus!

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