Our Animals Come First at the Greatest Big Top Show on Earth

The Royal Canadian Circus offers the most amazing big top show to amaze and delight children of all ages, as well as your entire family. Our circus performers and animal performers will take you back to the days of your childhood when you were able to enjoy the Circus together with your family.

Our animal performers are the top priority at the Royal Canadian Circus. The animals work closely with the trainers, who ensure that each animal is treated with dignity and respect while entertaining and astonishing audiences. You can rest assured that whether you’re watching the magnificent horses or the big cat, the animals will be treated like family.

You will be able to see the bond between animal and trainer when you watch our performers work together. As evidenced by our trainers’ humane and kind treatment of every animal, they have a policy of zero tolerance for animal abuse and cruelty. Our trainers love animals and are animal protectors. Our trainers are vocal about animal cruelty and abuse and use positive reinforcement in performances and training. Royal Canadian Circus understands that animals are essential to the show and the success of the Circus. We give each animal top priority in terms of care. Our expert, experienced trainers are concerned about what’s best for the animal they have in their care and will not tolerate any form of animal cruelty.

The Royal Canadian Circus has a rich history of presenting amazing Circus shows to our audience. The bond between trainer and animal is strong, and our trainers love their job. All of the Royal Canadian Circus trainers and performers take a stand regularly against animal cruelty. The performance shows that we will never allow an animal under our care to suffer. Our animals have been trained with respect, love, and attention. They are happy in their home environment and thrive.

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