Our Circus Provides Fun Family Activities and Entertainment for Children of All Ages

The Royal Canadian Circus offers shows in Red Deer, Calgary, and Alberta. The majority of adults fondly remember their childhood circus experiences and want to share this tradition with their families and children. The circus has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a fan of the elephants or the horses or are captivated by the magnificent big cats. The Royal Canadian Circus also features acrobats and clowns to entertain audiences in Canada. This includes performances in Red Deer and Calgary.

The magic of the circus is what keeps audiences coming back. Our shows offer family fun, as well as entertainment to the entire family and children of all ages. Families love the circus for many reasons. The Royal Canadian Circus is the best summer show to entertain children and adults. Royal Canadian Circus’ talented circus family has provided pure entertainment to Canadian families for years. Make memories with your family this summer at the Royal Canadian Circus.

The Royal Canadian Circus will be performing a number of great shows in Red Deer and Calgary during the summer of 2014. Bring the whole family to our circus for a fun summer activity for your kids. You will not be disappointed. You and your family will enjoy the fun activities and entertainment provided by our performers. Enjoy quality entertainment and value with the Royal Canadian Circus at Red Deer, Calgary, or Alberta.

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