If you’ve read about our most recent literary venture, you’ll know how passionately we feel about books of all kinds and sizes, themes, and genres. We’re bookworms! That is an understatement! This year’s spotlight goes to the host manager, Jim, and his new work “From Berwick to Bremen: Following the journey of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers 1944-45”.

A little history on Andrew or Jim or Jim, as we prefer to refer to him in The Circus family. If you’re lucky enough to have met him, you’ll be aware of his unique passion for the past. Not just any historical. His most recent project has been to trace his grandfather’s movements during World War II – we are talking about a man in the 5th Battalion of the King’s Scottish Borderers when they fought in Northern Europe in the Second World War!

To learn more about the story, including how the idea to write it came into existence and the time required to complete this vast undertaking, We spoke to Jim. We asked Jim a few questions regarding his literary endeavor and his search to learn more about his family’s background.

We began by asking Jim the typical questions you might ask someone who had spent a long time researching and writing his book similar to what he did. We wanted to know why he chose to embark on this epic trip into the unknown and relive the stories of his ancestral ancestors. This is what he told us…

What drove you to write the book? Is there any particular reason to embark on this journey?

If I’m being sincere, I wrote the book with a single motive. It wasn’t for fame or fortune but instead from a personal desire to take a trip without my wife and kids. I adore them all the time. Naturally, our family holidays are fantastic; however, my old wanderlust wanted to go on an adventure. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled often in my youth. However, my circumstances cut off my wanderlust wings as I became older.

And why did you consider your father a source of inspiration for the journey?

I was always curious about the places my Granddad was during the war. I was shocked to learn what kind of battle he was involved in. While alive, he shared some tips and told us some stories of his experiences during the war; however, the number of times that people attempted to murder him and his fellow soldiers during the eight months of active service abroad was awe-inspiring.

Is it a memoir or a historical book, or is it more of a novel?

I’d say the book isn’t historical since it was written by those better than me. The book is more of an accumulation of the things I learned on this trip and a few humorous quips to make it more enjoyable.

You can buy your version here, and if you would like to get to know the person behind the book, stop into The Circus Hostel in the area, where you’ll be greeted by Jim, who manages the establishment. If you cannot identify him, listen to the laughter because a joke will always follow wherever Jim is laughing.

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