Royal Canadian Circus Expanding to United States in 2020 After Record Year

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The Royal Canadian International Circus will expand its 2020 tour and include the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN.

*NOTE: There are no endangered or exotic species in the Royal Canadian International Circus. The show is family-friendly and family-priced. It features a multicultural display of circus families around the globe. The Circus switched to this format three years ago, and the public’s response has been positive.

Calgary, Canada — November 27, 2019

The Royal Canadian Circus had a record-breaking 2019. As a result of its success, the Royal Canadian International Cirque has decided to rebrand and expand its shows into the United States. From May to August 2020, the tour will include over 140 performances across Canada and US. The time will consist of additional presentations with extended stays in Minneapolis’ Mall of America.

The Royal Canadian International Circus has shifted its focus to thrill acts and acrobatic performances. Exotic animals are no longer part of the show. The concerts will give audiences a chance to see a traditional European Big Top Circus through thrill acts and feature performances.

The new Royal Canadian International Circus will showcase generations of circus families whose lineages date back more than 250 years. The Zerbini & Bauer families manage the Royal Canadian International Circus. Ringmaster Joseph Dominik Bauer is a daredevil of 9 generations and a circus veteran.

“2020 is shaping to be a very special year for our Circus. Bauer, the ringmaster, said that if last year’s numbers are any indication, Canadians and Americans love the Circus. These shows offer families a chance to introduce their children to something new and exciting.

Tarzan Zerbini, a circus producer from Canada, encourages families to visit the Royal Canadian International Circus in 2020. He says it will be the best year yet.

Zerbini is passionate about his statement: “Our fans asked for more shows, and we delivered.” There will be more shows in Canada and the United States this year. The support we received has shown us that people crave traditional circuses under the Big Top regardless of age.


All scheduled shows will be available for purchase in February 2020. The Royal Canadian International Circus will be in the following major cities:

  • British Columbia, Canada: Surrey, Vancouver & Richmond
  • Alberta, Canada: Calgary and Edmonton
  • Minnesota, USA: Minneapolis
  • Ontario, Canada: Toronto (Etobicoke & Scarborough), Mississauga & Burlington

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