Sit Back and Enjoy the Circus: Family Fun and Entertainment for Children of All Ages

Many adults remember the circus fondly from their childhood, when the smell, the sounds, and the sights of popcorn filled the atmosphere and made it a memorable, exciting family trip. In 25 years, adults who have fond memories of circus performances are bringing their families and children to the circus to create lasting memories. We have a variety of family-friendly activities and entertainment at the Royal Canadian Circus for you and your family to enjoy.

It is a Canadian family tradition to visit the circus. For many Canadians, it is an experience that they will never forget. The Chaos is a great family activity and provides entertainment for all ages. Our summer shows will amaze and delight you and your entire family, whether you’re an animal lover who can’t get enough of the majestic elephants or big cats or if you prefer to watch the acrobats or other talented performers.

The Royal Canadian Circus is a great way to make your summer 2014 exciting. Our summer activities are a fun way to spend time with family and enjoy the summer. The circus is a great experience for children and adults. It has everything – elephants, tigers, and horses, as well as talented performers who will amaze you with their tricks and skills. Enjoy fun family activities and relive your childhood memories with your kids.

The Royal Canadian Circus offers quality family entertainment in Red Deer and Calgary, as well as fun summer activities. Our family circus is steeped with tradition and values and offers many family entertainment and fun activities that will delight children and adults.

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