Step Right Up for Fun Summer Activities at Our Circus Show

Are you nostalgic about your childhood circus experiences? Looking for fun, exciting ways to entertain your kids this summer that are also affordable? The summer is drawing to a close as the Royal Canadian Circus offers summer fun and entertainment for kids in Red Deer, Calgary, and Alberta. You and your family will be entertained by our great summer and fall show lineup. Acrobats and clowns join our amazing animal performers. Our animal performers, from the elegant equestrian performance to the majestic elephants and big cats, work with their trainers hard to put on the show of a lifetime in the biggest big top front on Earth!

Summer activities are hard to find these days. Especially ones that can be enjoyed by the whole family and are affordable. We at the Royal Canadian Circus are dedicated to providing a high-quality performance. We strive to keep our audience entertained night after night in order to achieve full value. We are a family-oriented circus, and we create an environment of excitement for all family members. We are a Canadian circus rich in tradition, and we strive to create lasting memories. If you ask your kids what their favorite summer fun activity is, they will almost always say the circus. The circus is a great way to escape the busy pace of today’s society. It offers pure entertainment and simplicity.

For many years, the Royal Canadian Circus has provided summer fun activities and entertainment to kids and families. Bring your family to the circus to experience a Canadian experience. The Royal Canadian Circus offers a full lineup of performances at Red Deer and Calgary for the summer and fall 2014 season. Our goal is to provide high-quality, fun activities for children as well as entertainment that the whole family will enjoy.

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