It’s almost impossible to believe it’s not. However, the Circus Hotel is slowly closing for the longest time in human history. The fact that this year has been one of the most bizarre we’ve ever seen since it opened its doors in 2008 hasn’t helped simplify things. It’s getting close, and we’re thrilled to begin the new year with a new layout, offerings, and stunning art pieces. This is why we are in the present.

As you’ve probably heard, we’ve collaborated with various artists over the past year. From our wood walls “carpets” by the award-winning designer Elisa Strozyk to art pieces that will captivate your attention as soon as you enter our lounge area, which was carved by the enigmatic duo called Le Troisieme Main, to stunning custom-designed pottery plates as well as wall art by Stefanie Hering We can safely say the interior of our hotel was given an authentic artistic twist.

You then step into our courtyard, and an artwork by Cedric the Borgne greets you. It’s stunning enough that you may be unable to breathe for a second. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing floating fish before, now is the perfect time to include this experience on your next Berlin excursion. In the central part of our green space, we refer to it as the “oasis,” The Circus Hotel. The piece is awe-inspiring in the most gorgeous way you could imagine.

Cedric Le Borgne (born in France) is a French artist from Toulouse whose unique light fixtures are slowly taking across the globe. If you’re an experienced traveler, you may have observed his lights-up birdlife at Singaporean airport, Switzerland, France, and even London (during the lighting festival). Our fish were explicitly designed for The Circus Hotel and designed and built in Toulouse. Then, they were meticulously transported on a thousand-mile drive to the center of Berlin and our own home – Rosenthaler Platz.

The species of fish that was transformed into this artwork is known as Comet and is part of the Goldfish family. Famous for its stunning shape, forked tail, and humorous personality, we believed that it was the perfect fit for our bold design and a love for unique shapes and designs. We think we’re right about this. We’ll let you know. What do you think?

Let’s not forget the unexpected reaction we all felt when the fish swam into our sky view from our patio. We suddenly stopped complaining about the minimal daylight of November. We began excited about the night as we realized the sky would glow better than we ever imagined. Talk about a sense of delight!

We keep up to date with the advancements in the travel business and hope to return to you very soon. It’s not straightforward, and travel is now a purely abstract term. However, there is a ray of hope towards the other end for us: the shape of a fish. We hope that you are healthy and remain healthy!

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