As you may know, The Circus The Circus continually works with various charities and projects worldwide, assisting the causes in every way we can. Most of these projects were chosen due to the connection to our Berlin environment or an intimate relationship with an individual from The Circus team. On our page dedicated to charity, you can check out the present Oceansole project Oceansole and learn more about our projects from the past.

The most recent project we completed before Oceansole was to help our friends at Centro Yanachaga in Peru, where we met our hostel’s director, Anna. Centro Yanachaga is situated in the mountains and was first opened in the 1970s to serve as a place for children to stay. This project aimed to collect funds to pay for urgent repairs, particularly in the oldest section of the center, so it could be used as a living space for the youngsters who reside there.

The Centro Yanachaga could begin working on an urgent range with the funds The Circus raised. First, they could remodel an existing building, resulting in new dental clinics within the facility. These clinics provide vital health care to the center’s residents and the entire community. Once this project has been completed, they will begin transforming the old dental offices into a living space for 12 kids and young adults.

The ripple impact of these renovations, funded by donations from our incredible team as well as guests of The Circus, has allowed the center to undergo significant changes in the organization of work and living areas, enhancing the facilities for sanitation and kitchens as well as making a living more accessible and more enjoyable for the children who reside there.

In all, here at The Circus, we managed to raise EUR5000 for the Centro Yanachaga, and as is the case with all our charity initiatives, the fundraising could not have been achieved without the generosity and support that our customers have shown.

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