We’ve been discussing the possibility of a revamp for over an entire year, and, shockingly, it took this long to resolve our employees’ new uniforms. We’re in no way making them into uniforms. If you read this article, you’ll know the reasons. We believe there is an apparent connection between the clothes you wear and how you feel, not superficially or vainly, but more in the way you wear well-made, high-end clothes that feel stylish and comfortable at the exact moment. It’s a tricky area to conquer, and we needed to ensure that we teamed with a partner who could meet the challenge.

So, it was no surprise when our team hunt ended with Hannes Roether Studio. They have a remarkable talent for design, sophisticated style for fabrics, and the highest standards in local production (every item sold is manufactured in Europe). We were confident we needed to find them. We’d found the perfect fit. If you’ve not been to this studio previously, adding it to your list the next time you’re in Berlin is worth adding.

Hannes Roether Studio is the baby of a designer duo bonded through their love of exquisite organic materials, classic silhouettes, and colors that remind us of faded Polaroids. Inspired by a simple but highly complex idea of always casual and never inconsiderate clothing, Their designs exude elegance and style while working toward one aim: clothes that will last all day, every day, and the day that follows tomorrow. We’re incredibly proud to be able to have them dress our employees, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the opportunity.

The Circus Hotel you know and love is set to undergo the most significant transformation of its history. We’re going to raise the bar in every way we can, so it is logical that we want our staff to go about in the most stylish way. We took this task seriously, taking a few weeks to narrow the options to just 4. The final selection was left to our colleagues, who’ll wear these outfits.

The trial took place at the studio in the evenings, and we transformed the studio into an exclusive catwalk for The Circus Hotel staff. No, we’re not ashamed to admit that it happened. Have you ever visited a designer’s studio where you could test out expensive clothes and drink a glass of wine? Exactly. When we were gone, everyone was having their turn before the mirror, and we were able to learn about the style preferences of our coworkers. It was a tremendous bonding moment that can be considered work. It’s not a reason to complain.

After we’ve given all the information and information, you’ll know how to find our staff every time you visit The Circus Hotel. The Circus Hotel will officially reopen on December 1. If you visit our website and reserve your room now, we’re offering a 20 percent discount for bookings up to March 31, 20,21. This is because we look forward to seeing you next time!

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