What is it that you consider to be the ideal stay in the hotel? Can you find a comfy mattress that gives you a relaxing night’s sleep after a long and tiring day? Or perhaps a spot that makes getting to your destination to explore the town easy. You are not among those foodies tourists seeking the perfect breakfast option that can awaken your taste buds with delicious flavors and scents.

Whichever of these resonated with you most while you’re in Berlin, The Circus Hotel is the place to be! Why? We believe that the key to making an experience truly memorable is a blend of the above and a heightened care for detail and superior quality. That’s why we’re excited about our most recent collaboration.

Let’s discuss breakfast. We will offer a wide selection of premium baked goods cooked in-house each day. We hope to transform pastries from an ideal breakfast option into one that can wake you up early in the morning. Do we not want to make a point of recognizing our deep admiration for a stunning presentation? To help us reach our expectations for breakfast displays, we enlisted Stefanie Hering to assist us in design. And boy, did she deliver! We couldn’t be more pleased about the results, and therefore, we’re giving you a few details we think you need to be aware of our recent collaboration.

Hering Berlin studio was created from the desire to bring high-end culinary standards into serving dishes made of porcelain. It is their belief (and we believe) that awe-inspiring flavor and innovative combinations must transcend food only. Presentation is only half the experience,; what you eat could be as important as the place you consume it. When our breakfast room was booming, We knew we had to improve our presentation skills.

Therefore, we embarked on finding an individual who shares our ideals and understands our goal of bringing art to areas in The Circus Hotel that you would not think of as artistic. With a dream of porcelain serving dishes surrounded by food items in the same beautiful frame house artwork, Selecting Hering was easy. In addition to the fact that their words are handmade from start to finish and locally made, It was obvious that we’d found our best match.

Where can I find these ceramic works of art? You may ask. The lobby area and breakfast lounge are getting an overhaul. As soon as we are back in business, Hering creations will be in the corner, including breakfast pastries and quick breakfast staples like energy bars and granola. They’ll hold fluffy croissants and crisp danishes fresh from the oven to add luxury to your morning.

At The Circus, we believe that every minute of the day must be an unforgettable beginning, from the time you get up until the moment you lay down on the bed after a long day. And to make it more enjoyable, we’re offering our guests the opportunity to enjoy a 20 percent reduction for any booking made through our website up to April 31st. We’re counting the days and are hoping to meet you soon.

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