Hello, are you excited about some exciting announcements? The Circus Hotel is finally open and is fully available to welcome guests! Whether you’re coming to Berlin from afar or looking for a fun staycation, The Circus Hotel is undoubtedly the best location. You’ve probably heard that we had the opportunity to revamp our lovely hotel.

With numerous new amenities and features and a redesigned design, the hotel you love most, located on Rosenthalerplatz, has become much better! Some new features include a green, comfortable air-cooling device, an anatomical mattress, and the ability to make Berlin guides. In case you’re looking for an extra motive to be excited, some fresh additions will make your heart racing:

New lounge and bar area

The Circus Lounge now features a new bar concept that is brand new: The Lost My Voice. It offers the most popular cocktails (you can take them in your bottle), excellent wines, and an array of options to suit all preferences and tastes; Lost My Voice is the perfect spot to go when you’re seeking some tasty relaxation. The process of making your cocktail is a fantastic experience, But don’t rely on this as gospel!

Unique breakfast concept

The moment you wake up is now something to be looking forward to! Our gourmet team at Codosare is waiting to greet you most deliciously. Please select from our distinctive selection of desserts (Cruffin is essential) and opt for a more relaxed sitting-down meal that combines classic food items and provides a memorable taste to your favorite flavors and are awed.

Coffee locally roasted by a roaster who has a good cause

Vote Coffee with our carefully chosen coffee partners. Ensure you get up to the best-tasting beans that ensure the highest quality and fairness of supply. Their goal is to provide transparency to coffee’s entire supply chain and provide guests with the most delightful coffee experience at The Circus.

We could go on, but as we all know, the experience can’t be described and must be experienced! So, come on over and relax and tell us if you think we fulfilled our promise of a memorable hotel stay in the center of Berlin.

Make your reservation shortly and enjoy the fresh and modern hotel experience. The Circus Hotel We’re excited to hear your feedback! If you’re unsure when you’ll be able to visit us, we’ve created a great range of gift cards that can be used for the entire year.

We are thrilled and cannot wait to meet you, welcome us to the hotel, and introduce you to Berlin in the way we know, and we love it!

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