Pahar Trust – Renovating a School in Nepal

Suppose you’ve been following the work We do here in The Circus for a while. In that case, you’ll be aware that we’ve always been involved in charitable and other social initiatives that we have been involved in, both here in our hometown of Berlin and further. Most often, these are projects brought from our guests, our team, or through other friends who are members of The Circus who have a personal connection to the project.

There is a summary of the projects on our website. However, we would like to share an upcoming fundraising campaign that saw us work in conjunction with Pahar Trust Nepal. Pahar Trust Nepal will complete the remodeling and constructing of an Early Childhood Development classroom at the Shree Prabhabkari Basic School in Gairathok, Parbat, Nepal. We set out to raise EUR4800 to finance repairs and repainting and install a suspended ceiling to enhance insulation, a new cushioned carpet, and new furniture and learning materials.

The Pahar Trust Nepal is a UK-based charity that works closely with the local communities in Nepal to ensure that money raised benefits the entire community. The Gairathok village Gairathok is home to about 400, and about 40 youngsters attend the school nearby. The campaign to raise money for the school’s Early Childhood Development classroom was part of a more extensive Pahar Trust Nepal campaign to commemorate its 30th anniversary. To renovate and build classrooms throughout communities in the Himalayan lower slopes where most of the projects they undertake are situated.

Below is what Pahar Trust Nepal themselves say about the importance and significance of this work:

“When children go to pre-primary education, they are more likely to attend the school and acquire the minimum standards in reading and math. Also, it helps boost the economy by giving parents and other caregivers the chance to earn their income.

Research also suggests that children who receive a safe, high-quality education at this age are more likely to achieve success as they grow older.

The campaign supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal to ensure that all children have access to high-quality ECD (ECD) and are prepared for primary education.

We’re happy to confirm we’re thrilled to announce that The Circus team and our guests have raised EUR4890 for the school located in Gairathok and that work is underway to upgrade and remodel the Early Years Development class. When it’s completed, and our colleagues from Nepal have sent us some photos, we’ll share these with you here and via our Facebook and Twitter channels.

While we’re at it, we’re preparing for our next objective, the Centro Yanachaga, which will help children find an appropriate place to call home in Peru. We’ll announce this initiative in greater detail on the Circus Blog, but for now, you can learn more information on our page on charity, and, of course, you can also donate.

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