What do Singapore, Austria, and Costa Rica have in common? They are among the first nations around the globe to institute national bans on using wild animals as part of traveling circuses.

Worldwide, a myriad of wild animals are employed by circuses and forced to perform sexist and demeaning tricks to entertain audiences. However, although the public is increasingly against using wild animals in circuses that travel, some leading Western nations still need to gain the same traction as smaller nations in banning the practice.

The year was the first time that England joined with around thirty other countries by imposing an end to using wild animals in traveling circuses. The decision was made following a long campaign launched by Born Free and other animal welfare groups. Now, we are turning our attention to the rest of the world. Born Free is entirely against using wild animals in circus shows and believes it is unmoral. There is much evidence to support poor animal welfare within the circus. Our position is in line with the growing number of national and local authorities that have prohibited including wild animals in traveling circuses because of these concerns.

Although certain regions within a few countries have banned areas however, a lot of people will be shocked to discover that other countries, such as France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and the USA, do not have national bans and continue to see wild animals employed in circuses, despite smaller countries like Bolivia, Serbia, Cyprus, and Malta have laws in place to ban any use of animals in traveling circuses.

The Goodbye to Circus appeal exposes the suffering of Angela, Bellone, Louga, and Saida, who were raised in the French circus industry. They lived their entire lives performing and traveling in the name of entertainment until they were taken in by their owners and moved to a temporary shelter. With your assistance, we can transfer them to our vast sanctuary for cats at Shamwari Private Game Reserve, South Africa.

In recent times, Born Free has been involved in relocating and rescuing many lions that are believed to have come through the circus business in France. The lions are currently in our care but are also the fortunate few. Too many wild animals are still employed in circuses in France which include hippos, elephants, tigers, as well as monkeys, zebras, and other animals.

Although positive strides have been taken in France on a local scale, Born Free is calling for the French government to go even further and impose a national ban. We encourage those who believe France should permanently ban all use of wild animals in traveling circuses to be part of our campaign to pressure the French government into taking action.

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