The Royal Canadian Circus Brings Fun Family Summer Activities and Entertainment in 2017

The Royal Canadian Circus is celebrating its 50th anniversary of offering family-friendly summer activities with a spectacular show that has grown in size and appeal to adults and children alike. 2017 will be Spectacular! It is worth taking the family out to see a live circus. This is a great way to create memories and have fun that you can share and talk about for years. Live circus performances under the traditional “big tent” provide a more personal and exciting experience than watching movies or video clips. The circus is a high-definition experience, not pixelated. The chaos will delight your family and children with its sensory delights and traditional excitement.

The Circus is a Must-Do Experience This Summer

The Canadian climate makes the circus a seasonal delight for many Canadians. Many parents and grandparents who experienced a circus show in their youth gift their children the thrill of an exciting “big top” performance. It’s impossible to compare the sheer delight, glee, and astonishment on a child’s face when they watch with rapt attention the spectacle and activity in front of them. All children will have a favorite act, whether it’s the dangerous acrobatics or the funny and crazy clowns. Families are glistening with happiness, and their smiles shine bright like the sun. If you are looking for summer entertainment and activities that the entire family can enjoy, then the circus should be on your list of ‘Must Experiences’ this year.

Look Up at the Circus instead of Down at Your Smart Phone.

It isn’t easy to understand and appreciate the vastness of time and space in videos when viewed on a flat screen. When viewed through a digital device, the heights that trapeze artists reach are not as impressive. Children are easily mesmerized by the vibrantly colored performers who move their bodies in ways that engage their creative imagination. Children are suddenly looking outward in anticipation instead of being hunched up, staring at a flat screen. The Circus is an uplifting show that appeals to children of all ages. Family gatherings can be a place to share memories for many years and even inspire future ambitions. This unique and traditional summer fun almost feels like a mental workout.

The Royal Canadian Circus: Destination Awesome

We are thrilled to announce for the first time, we will perform several shows in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The Royal Canadian Family Circus will perform Spectac! In May 2017, Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Saskatoon, and Moose Jaw will be performing Spectac. Regina, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon are scheduled to perform in June and August. There are also shows scheduled for Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, as well as other cities. You can find all the information you need about our site, including show dates and ticket prices. Stay tuned for details and announcements about shows in Ontario. We welcome families from all over Canada who wish to experience our old-fashioned circus energy with a modern twist. Canada’s biggest “big top” is where you will find Destination Awesome. This summer, join us to create lasting memories for you and your family.

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