The Royal Canadian Circus Is Here: Fun Family Activities and Entertainment You Can Enjoy This Summer of 2018

The Royal Canadian Circus (RCC), a renowned and acclaimed circus, launched its highly-anticipated Spectac on Thursday, May 17th! The 2018 tour will begin on Thursday, May 17th!

The RCC’s summer tour began with the opening salvo in Surrey, British Columbia, at the Guildford Town Centre. The troupes will perform 98 shows in total across Canada.

If you are looking for fun family activities to do with your children, whether they are young or old, the RCC is the place to go. What you should know is:

The RCC has added new shows due to rising demand

The RCC offers a wide range of family-friendly activities.

The RCC announced recently that it has scheduled additional shows in Eastern Ontario. The RCC announced that they’ve scheduled other shows throughout Eastern Ontario due to the exceptionally high demand for tickets. This troupe is known for being one of the best in the entertainment industry.

Please note that, as of last season, the Royal Canadian Circus has announced that exotic animals no longer feature in their show.

The troupe has added even more death-defying and thrilling feats to its already extensive repertoire. Children of all ages can enjoy an exciting outing.

Who is the Headlining Artist for the Royal Canadian Circus in 2019?

This year, the event will once again be led by ringmaster extraordinaire Joseph Dominic Bauer. A 9th-generation daredevil, Joseph Dominic Bauer is known for his passion for the spectacular.

This summer, he’s scheduled to close the show with his Wheel of Death act. It is a performance that leaves audiences on their feet. This year’s tour is set to be the most thrilling and spellbinding ever, with an impressive cast that will make it extremely likely for the RCC to improve its remarkable attendance numbers from 2017.

Who else will be performing at Spectac? 2018? Aura and Werner, the two most talented high-wire performers in the world, lead the four-person act Guerreros. This troupe from Portugal will perform incredible acrobatic feats and daring stunts. Aura will also sing while performing her daring feats!

S. Caleb Carinci Asch’s team of stunning acrobats will perform complex and graceful acrobatics at breathtaking speeds while riding on a galloping pony. This unique act is sure to blow you away this summer. Film fans may remember them from the Hugh Jackman movie The Greatest Showman.

There’s something for every child, no matter their age. Martin Gonzales’ aerial strap performance, the quick-change act, and the world champion Chinese Acrobat’s group are all on display.

Look out for Tommy Tequila, the fastest juggler in the world. He holds the current record of keeping nine ping-pong balls up with his mouth.

Find fun activities to do with your family or children of any age this summer. The Royal Canadian Circus is a great place to visit with your family or children of any age.

The RCC’s Spectac! The 2018 tour promises to be one of the key attractions for the entire summer. The 2018 tour is set to be a major attraction for the summer.

The show is perfect for couples and young families alike. Some of the world’s most talented performers join forces to create a true spectacle.

You can now select the most appropriate location for you and purchase your tickets.

  • Tickets are selling out fast for the RCC’s Spectac Tour 2018. Tickets can be purchased online now.
  • This summer, there are a total of 98 events.
  • The circus has added more shows, giving you even more opportunities to see some of the most popular chaos acts in the world and take part in family-friendly activities.

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