The Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2018 – Fun for the Entire Family

You’re probably looking for fun family activities to do with your children.

It is not easy to find the right outing for your family, especially when there are so many choices and tastes vary greatly by age. You don’t have to be stumped by the same tour every year.

Come on down to the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac this summer with your family and friends! The 2018 show is on tour in Canada from May 17th to August 3rd. We guarantee an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Click on the link to see all the dates and locations.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re heading to the Circus with your young family

1. Purchase Circus Tickets Online

The Royal Canadian Circus, which does not begin until May 17th, is one the most sought-after and popular experiences in the entire world. Tickets are selling fast, especially with the limited number of performances listed on this tour.

You’ll have to buy your tickets in advance, preferably the moment you know which dates you will be attending. You’ll avoid disappointments and risk missing out if you have already told your kids that you are planning a summer trip to the Circus! It’s easy to purchase our tickets online at this link:, check out our Facebook page. We are always posting specials and promotions.

You can also book tickets early to ensure that you get the best seats at the most convenient dates. This will allow your family to enjoy the show from the best possible vantage point.

2. Give your children a taste of what to expect

A simple assertion follows this: children can be unpredictable and struggle to engage in new experiences. It’s important to prepare your children in advance for extreme adventures.

Showing your children picture books detailing the unique acts that have made the Circus famous throughout history is a simple way to do this.

You can also access the Royal Canadian Circus site in the digital age to view video clips of star performers performing while paying attention to the reactions your child has to each pin. You can then identify and address any fears or issues that may arise.

It’s a must for your child’s first visit to the Circus. We recommend doing this every time you go to a different troupe.

3. Keep your kids hydrated by packing snacks

Children are known for their short attention spans, regardless of what they’re doing or what action is taking place. Even when the Royal Canadian Circus is performing, they can become distracted, tired, and even upset.

As a parent, your job is to be prepared for this situation and prepare provisions that will help you overcome it. How do you accomplish this?

It’s impossible to cover all bases, but it is possible to ensure that your children are well-fed and hydrated throughout the performance. You can still help your kids by packing their favorite snacks in case they get hungry. We have great concession stands with refreshments at all of our circus performances. Keep them well-hydrated and fed to help them maintain their concentration longer. This will also increase their desire to use the bathroom.

Our concession stands will offer the best traditional circus foods and snacks, but you should also be prepared to face the unexpected by bringing your nutritional refreshments.

The Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! Traditional Family Fun

By keeping the points above in mind, you are sure to enjoy this family trip and create memories you will cherish for life.

Check out the cities and dates on our site. Online tickets can be purchased easily. This year, the Circus will run from May 17th to August 6th with shows in these cities:

* Surrey, Tsawwassen, Richmond & Abbotsford in British Columbia
Calgary and Edmonton are located in Alberta
Ontario includes Mississauga and Oakville, as well as Markham, Pickering, and Burlington.

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