The Royal Canadian International Circus 2022 | Minneapolis – Mall of America

The Royal Canadian International Circus is Back! After a gap of two years due to the epidemic, The Circus is ready to begin its 2022 touring at Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Seventeen shows of excitement have been scheduled for May 6 – 15, 2022, and will be performed under the amazing and traditional Big Top. To view the complete program of shows and cities and to purchase tickets for circus shows online, go to this RCIC site.

2022’s show is completely new and won’t disappoint. It’s packed with exciting live entertainment. You’ll be stunned and amazed by the talent, skill, and inventiveness that our artists display. They are the majority of them from the most renowned circus families around the Globe, with a history that goes back more than ten generations.

This year’s performers include amazing Daredevil, Joseph Dominik Bauer from Switzerland in the Wheel of Destiny, the flying Cortez Trapeze group from Columbia, the incredible Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team from America’s Got Talent, and the mighty motorcycle Thrill riders from around the Globe with huge tricks as well as stunts and guts! Also, you’ll witness the amazing feats of strength and balance as Gimmi Fornaciari of Italy is awe-inspiring in the air and sings in soprano and Chair Balancing. Argentinian Gauchos Laser Show, an extremely funny Human Slinky, as well as the beautiful and dazzling TZ Ladies of the Air.

The Circus The Ringmaster, Joseph Dominik Bauer, is a nine 9th-generation daredevil with more than 40 years of experience. His achievements in the circus arena, as well as aerial entertainment, are impressive. His performances on his 50′ Wheel of Destiny, Hire Wire, and Skywalks, to mention some, are consistently receiving favorable reviews. The show has also been aired on major networks like Cirque de Soleil, Ringling Brothers, Bailey Circus, and more.

It is the Royal Canadian International Circus that cannot wait to see you again on The Big Red Top to bring the audience what they have always wanted to see since the outbreak started with a stunning spectacle due to the constant quest to be the best, this year’s brand-new Royal Canadian International Circus 2022 will be awe-inspiring for you.

A Sneak Peak at The Royal Canadian International Circus

Are you interested in learning about our show and what you can expect prior to buying your tickets on the Internet? Go to our website to see our online tour. The video offers an idea of what the show looks like as it is inside The Big Top! The circus can be seen from every angle, and you feel as if you’re in the Big Top!

Please be aware that we don’t have any endangered or exotic species or animals or employ them in our performances. Five years ago, our show changed to a brand new format that is now a combination of Acrobats, thrill shows, the parade of circus families from across the Globe, and more. Recent post-show surveys have shown the fact that 94% of our patrons would be happy with the new circus design. We would like to see you be a part of our journey, too.

Purchase Upgraded Circus Tickets Online

Are you looking for an intimate and more intimate experience? You can also buy tickets for VIP seating or the plush ringside seats through the site. It is the Royal Canadian International Circus is an exciting, summertime, and family-friendly venue that welcomes all ages, including adults and children. It’s an unforgettable experience that your family will not forget.

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