The Royal Canadian international Circus is Bringing Fun Family Activities and Shows to Minneapolis For the First Time!

Two thousand twenty promises to be a great season for the Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC)! We’ll be bringing fun summer family events and shows that are south of the Canadian border for the first time. With a busy season to come, We’re thrilled to share with you about the shows that captivated audiences under the big tent this year. While we’re putting together the lineup of acts and performers for 2020, These three acts will give you an idea of what you can anticipate and what to look towards.

No matter if you’ve never seen the circus before or are an avid fan of the season, the experience of good chaos can be unforgettable. Every disorder is an amazing experience that has unique performances. If you’re unfamiliar with circuses, we strongly suggest that you check out this classic type of summer fun family entertainment.

RCIC will be coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we’ve brought a lineup of shows to your pleasure. So, sit down, grab popcorn, unwind, and take in the best entertainment for the whole family and stunning shows that you’ve ever witnessed! We have three shows from last year’s show that have been a hit with the crowd:

1. The Flying Cortes Family Defied Gravity Before Everyone’s Eyes

Our skilled group made up of acrobats, The Flying Cortes Family, has performed in numerous famous circuses all around the globe. Directed by the family’s father, Robinson Cortes, this family of acrobats has proved its worth time and time again to be an amazing spectacle to be seen. The audience was shocked as they showed off incredible feats of acrobatics. This included triple, double, and quadruple flips across the air.

2. The XTreme Chinese Acrobats Featured an Exotic Performance

In the realm of Acrobatics, West isn’t all that is able to perform it. Our group of eight Chinese acrobats, six women and two men, gave our viewers awe-inspiringly choreographed and performed shows. Through acts like Chinese vase jug, gluing, slackwire, and Diablo, The entertainment never stops while looking at this group of performers. The XTreme Chinese Acrobats also put on an act of contortion that shocked and awed our audience. With amazing timing and choreography, this was an amazing show that clearly offered an entertaining summertime event for everyone.

3. The audience was awed by their experience with the Aristov Juggling Duo

Igor, as well as Tatiana Aristov, the world-class Jugglers, have captivated people around the globe with their incredible accuracy. Their act is performed with exact timing, providing a feast for the eyes.
Juggling may seem like something easy to do; however, the Aristovs have extended it to an art form that can be an enjoyable summer activity for the family with all sorts of eye-catching tricks. This is a truly amazing mix of abilities that we are sure will not go unnoticed for a long time.

Fun Summer Family Activities | Royal Canadian International Circus | Minneapolis, Minnesota

It is the first time that the Royal Canadian Circus has gone international. It is now the Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) moving to Minneapolis, USA. Over the past 50 years, we’ve been traveling across Canada with shows that delight everyone.

The goal of our current season is to offer our Minneapolis fans the traditional summer family events but with the added benefit of a Canadian twist. The 9th generation of our ringmaster, Joseph Dominik Bauer, stands as a testimony to our history as a family-owned, traditional circus. We’ve got the experience and the performers to bring you a show that you will never forget. If you’d like to learn more about our upcoming shows in 2020 or are looking to book tickets, visit the website today.

* RCIC has finally made the shift to the United States, bringing with us new acts to delight our fans.
Our brand has been built around offering exciting summer activities for families which anyone will take pleasure in. Our events are enjoyable for all the family!
* If you’re in search of circus, acrobatics, or awe-inspiring skills, you’ll be able to discover them at The Royal Canadian International Circus.

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