The Royal Canadian International Circus is Coming to Richmond B.C. from May 18-May 22, 2023 | Purchase Circus Tickets Online

Spring is the perfect time to be in the outdoors. The sun is shining but not too bright, and the scenery is stunning.

In summer, BC residents are constantly seeking outdoor activities, particularly on Victoria Day weekend. Victoria Day long weekend. They are seeking excuses to get their kids out of the home and away from devices and smartphones. If this seems like something you’re searching for, then the Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) might be for you.

RCIC continues its journey throughout British Columbia after two successful trips in Vancouver as well as Surrey. The reviews of the 2023 show have been extremely positive, and a large majority of people expressed a desire to purchase circus tickets in the coming year. The next stop of the RCIC tour is Richmond, B.C., where 11 thrilling and all-new shows will be performed between May 18 and 22nd 22 22nd in the Lansdowne Centre.

This is a family affair. Everyone is invited beneath the Big Top, both adults and children (of all different ages). Your family will enjoy an exclusive and unique view of the traditional circus, where the ten 10th generation of pedigrees from circus artists showcase their extraordinary talent.

Purchase your circus tickets online today. Tickets can also be purchased from the ticket office on shows. Don’t miss the opportunity to see what a traditional circus is and see the spectacle that people throughout North America are captivated by.

List of Performers at the 2023 Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) Spectacular Show

The performers at RCIC are multi-skilled and trained to provide an unforgettable experience. The show will feature shows by:

  • Joseph Dominik Bauer, our Ringmaster and Daredevil Extraordinaire
  • Hubert & Camilla Dominguez Crossbow Thrill Act (new)
  • Claudia Alvarez Bauer from Mexico
  • African Bone Breakers Contortionist Troupe in 2020 Season on America’s Got Talent (new)
  • Nilson Escobar from Peru (new)
  • Maria Emilia Chemeno from Argentina (new)
  • Fernandez Globe of Death from Mexico
  • TZ Aerialists
  • the Guerrero High Wire Troupe from Columbia (new)
  • Piolita and Lucita’s daughter from Argentina
  • Gimmi Fornaciari and Erica Zerbini Illusions & Magic from Italy (new)

Visit the page for Performers to find out more about our amazing and talented performers and artists. We are eager to entertain and amaze your loved ones and you with our innovative and exciting performances.

Take a Virtual Tour of RCIC’s Big Top

The Big Top’s 3D Virtual Tour video is live! It offers an idea of the circus that we have in our Big Top! Explore the inside from all angles and experience the feeling of being there! This will also increase the excitement level for your children, particularly those who have never been to this kind of circus prior to.

The 2023 Royal Canadian International Circus Schedule

The RCIC is on tour until October 2023. Following the conclusion of its time in Richmond, BC, the circus will move towards the east. The rest of the 2023 schedule is available below:

  • Richmond, BC – May 18-22, 2023
  • Calgary, AB – May 26-June 4, 2023
  • Edmonton, June 8-18, 2023
  • Etobicoke, ON – June 29-July 2, 2023
  • Brampton, ON – July 6-9, 2023
  • Pickering, ON – July 13-16, 2023
  • Scarborough, ON – July 20-30, 2023
  • Mississauga, ON – August 3-20, 2023
  • Burlington, ON – August 24-27, 2023
  • New Jersey, NJ – September 14-24, 2023 (new location)
  • Columbus, GA – September 29-October 1, 2023 (new site)

Royal Canadian International Circus Show Details | Buy Circus Tickets Online

The brand new 2023 RCIC show lasts for two hours, with 30 minutes plus an intermission. Gates are opened for 30 minutes before the start of each show in all of our locations.

Seats are allocated on a first-come, first basis. When you buy Plush Ringside or VIP seating tickets, you will be guaranteed a seat in those categories. Make sure you arrive early to allow that you have enough time to buy drinks and snacks. We provide a large selection of snacks, including popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, and much more. Food from outside is not allowed inside the RCIC.

The Circus tickets are available online. Tickets can bought in person. However, this is subject to the condition that the event was not previously sold out via tickets sold online. The box office at the Big Top is open during all show times from 10 am to 8:08 midnight. It is important to note that even though ATMs are available on-site and at the box office, all sales made from the Big Top box office are only cash. Additionally, ticket office rates may be a bit higher than online prices.

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