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If you are new to Royal Canadian Circus Spectac, we have some information for you. You’re about to enter a thrilling world of adventure with the 2018 show!

The Royal Canadian Circus will be touring again in 2018 after the incredible success of last year. Shows will take place in British Columbia and Alberta, as well as Ontario. The performances are from May to August, but tickets are going fast. If you want to see this spectacular show, you will need to buy your tickets soon.

Here are just a handful of the talented performers that make the ROYAL CANADIAN CIRCUS among the best circuses in the World.

1. Joseph Dominic Bauer

The show’s daredevil and ringleader can boast of a long, high-octane, 35-year career.

Bauer is a Swiss-born circus performer who has been working tirelessly to continue this legacy. Bauer’s feats include performances on the High Wire and Incline Motorcycles as well as the 50′ Wheel of Destiny. His name is synonymous with the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac, a show-stopping spectacle! 2018.

All will feel his passion for the circus and his ringmaster enthusiasm in no time.

It is a show to behold. He brings a genuine star quality to one of the best circuses in the World.

2. Duo Guerrero, a four-person high-wire act from Portugal

This list would not be complete without Duo Guerrero. It is the only act of its kind anywhere in the World.

Aura and Werner Cardinali, along with their talented troupe, perform Duo Guerrero – a four-person high-wire act. They do incredible stunts and maneuvers from a height of over 100 feet.

The coordinated performance by four high-wire walkers is both technically and daringly superior.

It has been praised all over the globe and even appeared on America’s Got Talent 2016. Judge Howie described the act as “the most amazing and death-defying thing I’ve ever seen.” Duo Guerrero has also received awards, including several Gold Medals for their work in Europe.

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3. The Chinese Acrobats Troupe

The Chinese Acrobats Troupe is another spectacular act. This is a cultural display of traditional Chinese culture that is truly captivating. It is a nice change from the usual actions at the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac. The performers in 2018 are truly mesmerizing and capable of producing amazing feats of strength and agility.

This act is, in many ways, a showcase of Chinese culture, and every maneuver is performed beautifully, with style, and with immense grace.

This act will take your breath away with its incredible colors and unique sense of wonder.

The most impressive thing about this performance is the fact that each performer pushes himself to the limit. The Chinese Pole and Hoop Diving are among the most impressive.

Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2018

The Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! The 2018 show is a great example of the many headline acts that will light up your day! 2018 show. There’s something for everyone, young and old.

The tickets are selling out fast, so act now if you’re interested in seeing the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac. 2018 year. Now is the time to book and purchase your circus tickets so you can enjoy the summer’s most exciting entertainment experience!

Check out the cities and dates on our site. Online tickets can be purchased easily. This year, the circus will run from May 17th to August 6th with shows in these cities:

* Surrey (British Columbia), Tsawwassen (British Columbia), Richmond & Abbotsford
* Mississauga and Oakville, as well as Markham, Pickering in Ontario, Burlington in Ontario, and Burlington in Canada
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It’s never been easier to attend the circus!

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