The World’s Most Memorable Circuses: Fun Summer Family Activities Everywhere

We are amazed by live shows and events as we enjoy it when people enjoy the same activities the way we love them. The Circus is no exception. Have you ever thought about the fact that fans across the globe have been enjoying circus performances for years?

In reality, many of the most important circus venues in the world aren’t located in North America necessarily. It appears that the Circus is a popular summer activity for families that everyone is eager to experience. This is why there are venues across Russia, France, Germany, Hungary, and many other nations.

Let’s have a look at some of the largest circuses in the world and the reasons why you should attend an event of your own within Canada or the United States or Canada. You may be inspired to donate tickets to children in need via our charitable organizations.

The Circus Krone in Germany

The headquarters in Munich is the main venue for a variety of live entertainment shows, including concerts. In particular, it’s a permanent venue for clown performances in Germany. It was constructed in 1919.

Many artists have performed within the building, too, such as The Beatles, KISS, Santana, Frank Zappa, and AC/DC. It would be best if you considered visiting this historic location should you ever visit Germany.

Cirque D’Hiver in France

In Paris, The venue is located. The French name is translated to “Winter Circus.” From music concerts and show-offs to Turkish wrestling shows, The renowned place has witnessed a lengthy background since its establishment in 1852 by Emperor Napoleon III.

The structure has 20 sides that have Corinthian columns on each angle, which results in an oval-like shape. The creator of the system was Jacques Ignace Hittorff, and James Pradier created the sculpture.

The place was the focus of Carol Reed’s film Trapeze and a poem titled “Cirque D’Hiver” by Elizabeth Bishop. This is another example of an event becoming a symbol of culture for its nation.

Nikulin’s Circus in Russia

Also called The Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard, The location was the only Circus in the city throughout the 1900s. It is still the most awaited summer activity for families there, too.

The first building opened as The Solomonsky Circus in 1880. Some of the most famous performers in this spectacle were Karandash, Oleg Popov, and Yuri Nikulin. The Circus was awarded its Order of Lenin award in 1939.

Capital Circus of Budapest in Hungary

The Capital Circus is the only stone-based Circus located in Central Europe. Since its opening in 1971, the Capital Circus accommodates 1450 spectators. There will be clowns and shows when you go to.

The venue also hosts fashion shows as well as sporting events, opera, music performances, and theatre plays. Stop by the amusement park or Budapest Zoo while you’re there.

Since 1996 in 1996, in 1996, the International Circus Festival of Budapest is held twice a year. It is a festival that takes place regardless of weather since it’s a stone-based circus.

Fun Summer Family Activities | Royal Canadian International Circus | BC, Alberta, Ontario

Sounds like exciting? You’re lucky because there’s no need to go far to enjoy the thrill of a circus for yourself. It’s the Royal Canadian International Circus is being held in various locations across North America, including BC, Alberta, Ontario, and a variety of other areas.

Get your tickets online now and discover how every country can enjoy the chance to enjoy this enjoyable summer activity for families.

  • All over the world, regions are enthralled by the Circus.
  • Every Circus has its tale and is derived from the traditions that surround it.
  • To experience North America’s portion of enjoyable summer activities for families, make sure to visit the Royal Canadian International Circus this time of year.

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