Tickets Online to Commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday

Online tickets are available to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday by adding some excitement to your family’s summer fun. There’s no better time than now to celebrate this beautiful country that allows us to express ourselves and grow. The Royal Canadian Circus has been performing in this country for more than fifty years. We have had the privilege of showcasing our talents and skills over the years. This season, we would like to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with our most spectacular performance. Performance ever!

Purchase Tickets for Celebration

This summer will be a time of celebration for everyone. Whether it’s a special birthday, a gathering with family and friends, or a commemoration of our 150th anniversary, this will be a summer to remember. Many people buy tickets online as soon as the dates and locations are confirmed. This means that seating is limited on the day of the event. It is important to purchase tickets early, especially in a season of celebrations and parties like the one we are experiencing this summer. Do not miss the chance to give your family fun and quality entertainment. It’s not every day that you get to see a circus show, and even less so during the 150th birthday celebrations in Canada.

What did you celebrate?

When children return to school for the fall, they will often be asked about their summer activities. Purchase circus tickets online Today, and you will be able to guarantee that your children have exciting stories to tell their friends in months to come. Few people get the chance to tell others about their experience at the circus. See, you’re not just sitting in the audience and watching the chaos… you become a PART of it! You can actually feel it! You can feel it, like physically! You may feel your heart expanding with anticipation, and your hands can get sweaty if you grip your seat during the most thrilling moments. You’re thinking, ‘how’s that possible?’ and you’re laughing, but it’s impossible to know when the show will end. This is the effect of the circus… it’s a day with the chaos, and you take it back home in your heart.

Easy Access to Circus Tickets

Online circus tickets are available. Our process is so simple that you can buy them on your phone in just a few seconds and store them right there. This will help you avoid disappointment if you don’t get the tickets you want. Having them on your phone also eliminates the chance of losing physical keys at the front gates on the day of the performance. Visit our Facebook page for updates on the circus and special ticket discounts. You can also visit our official website Here Today to purchase your tickets.

Celebrate with Us

Join us as we perform our best show ever this season in Spectac! 2017. Find out our June performance dates in Grande Prairie, Prince Albert, and Yorkton. Also, June and July performances in Saskatoon and Moose Jaw. In August, we will also be performing in Ontario, near Toronto. We are proud to continue entertaining with excellence in our beautiful country as the years progress.

We look forward to future growth, amazement, ills, and chills from our wonderful audience. Enjoy your summer in good health and happiness.

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